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Welcome to this week’s PPC News recap! Explanation about attribution model in Google Ads, LinkedIn’s announcement of 3 new objectives, importance of site link extension, Suggestions and tips from Verizon Media and more


Improve ad effectiveness with ad customizers – Microsoft Advertising announces the availability of “Ad Customizers” which will help in improving the ad quality by allowing to create different ad variations with just one ad copy. Learn more here


Are You Using the Right Attribution Model in Google Ads? – An informative blog post by Timothy Johnson explaining what is attribution and six attribution models to choose from to distribute credit in different ways.


Getting Started with Native Ads on Verizon Media – With Microsoft and Verizon media partnership, Verizon media has extended their suggestions and tips to get started with their native offerings. Get more insight here.


Introducing a More Powerful Campaign Manager – A brief post by Amita Paul on LinkedIn’s announcement of 3 new new objectives — brand awareness, website conversions and job applicants to Campaign Manager to improve key results.


Capture the attention of sports fans with Display & Video 360 – When it comes to sports, Display & Video 360 helps brands reach these engaged audiences where and when they are watching. Stephen Chang helps to dig deeper in this article.

Sports trigger set-up in Display & Video 360

Google Expands Links Allowed in Site Link Extension –  A brief article by Will Green explaining the importance of site link extension and how it helps improving the CTR and conversion rate.


Ad Reporting Discrepancies: What to Do When Your Data Doesn’t Match – As a marketer, we need data to optimize our ads but sometime data doesn’t match with the backend sales numbers.Timothy Jensen helps to understand the reason behind it in this blog post.


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