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Optimize your campaign performance this holiday season with useful tips from experts, Bing shopping campaigns made available to advertisers in Canada and India, fix your disapproved ads with handy actionable steps, useful script to control your AdWords budget and more in this  Week’s PPC News recap.

1. ‘Tis the season to get customers back in your app

To make the most from this holiday season Google announce Dynamic Remarketing for apps to help customers take action in advertiser’s app.

dynamic remarketing adwords apps


2. Bing Shopping Campaigns launch in Canada & India

Bing Ads extends its shopping campaigns to Canada and India with this recent announcement and advertisers there can now experience the product search experience.


3. PPC Functions and Tools We’re Grateful for in 2017

Pauline Jakober shares some of her favorite PPC tools and functions that have helped garner results for their PPC clients.


4. 5 Ways To Optimize Your Facebook Conversion-focused Ads

Setting campaign objective to drive conversions just might not be enough to get the conversions desired. Tara Johnon shares the 5 ways through which you can optimize your Facebook ads to drive better results.

facebook value optimization


5. Finding Disapproved Ads and Fixing Them in Bulk in Google AdWords

Handling disapproved ads at scale? Robert Brady shares a cheat sheet of the actionable items that can help advertisers tackle the situation optimally.


6. Maximize Your AdWords Budget for Small Businesses

Small businesses with limited budget can take ideas from this post on the actionable steps that they can take to maximize results from the budget allocated.


7. 7 tips to ramp up your holiday advertising

With holiday season round the corner, advertisers must be gearing up their advertising strategies. Mona Elesseily shares some of the tips to prepare yourself for this time and boost your campaign performance.

shopping campaigns adwords


8. How to Avoid Common Paid Search Forecasting Pitfalls

With this year coming to a closure, planning for the upcoming year 2018 has already begun. Ilya Cherepakhin shares tips to accurately forecast your digital marketing channels and things to keep in mind while making your projections.


9. Oh, no! AdWords can now spend double your budget. Or not…

The new AdWords update allows advertisers to spend twice their average daily budget. Daniel Gilbert shares a useful script to help you keep your budget under control.


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