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Expanded Text Ads is still the talk of the town along with the burgeoning (recently launched) Message Extensions. Are you making use of these features this holiday season? Expert insights around this and many other more interesting topics covered in this week’s PPC recap.

Here is a look at the top news of the last week


1. The Wait Is Over: Message Extensions Now Available in Google

Abby Woodcock explores how the new message extension can be set up, what objective these extension meets and what features it misses out on.

message extension available


2. 3 Awesome Features You Only Get on Bing Ads

Bing Ads offers at par features when compared with AdWords. Here are the three features that are unique to Bing Ads and how they are useful in influencing better results.


3. 6 ways to prepare for holiday shoppers

Christi Olson shares some considerable tips to help succeed in the peak holiday season. Make a note of these 6 essential things and stay ahead of competition.


4. Google AdWords Cross-Device Reporting & Attribution

Stephen Kapusta shares how advertisers can automatically track cross device information through their AdWords account. Here are the details of how and where to see the device report and attribution.

cross device activity


5. Google Still Hates B2B Advertisers

Google recently launched their website to help advertisers identify ads that meet their marketing objective. Melissa Mackey digs deeper into the website and realizes that the website didn’t attend to B2B advertising.


6. How To: Transition To Google Expanded Text Ads Like-A-Pro

Here is the brief summary for the webinar conducted by Richard Beck and Brad Geddes on ‘Step by step transition to Expanded Text Ads like a pro’. Know more in this post.


7. Expanded Text Ads: Does Bigger Really Mean Better?

Lauren Capon discusses why ETAs are a big deal and what are the benefits and consequences of the newly launched ad format. More details in this post.


google adwords ETAs


8. ‘Upcoming change to AdWords Display ad groups with no targeting options specified’

From Jan 2017, Display ads will be able to serve ads even if the targeting criteria isn’t specified at the ad group level. Instead it will target the display network settings at campaign-level.


9. Take advantage of Expanded Device Targeting this holiday season

Good News! Expanded Text Ads has arrived just in time. Bing Ads recently launched Expanded Text Ads globally ahead of the holiday season. Details in this post.


10. Guide To Black Friday For Small Businesses (With Case Studies and Stats)

David Midgley shares a guide to help small businesses plan for ‘Black Friday’ and details out what Black Friday means, how advetisers can optimize for results, problems to be aware of and more


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