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New AdWords Data Control feature for improved Data Studio reports, Merchant Center improvised for the upcoming holiday season, learn about Facebook’s new campaign budget optimization, apply audience insight report for your LinkedIn marketing strategy and more in this Week’s PPC News recap.


1. Reach more shoppers this holiday season with new innovations from Merchant Center and AdWords

To help advertisers optimize their campaigns for this holiday season AdWords has launched new features in Merchant Center. Learn more about these features.


2. Explore the improved Opportunities Tab for more campaign recommendations

Bing Ads is rolling out new improvements to the Opportunities tab that would show new set of recommendations namely sitelink and additional bid ad adjustment opportunities.

opportunities tab bing ads


3. Applying LinkedIn Audience Insights to Your Marketing Strategy

LinkedIn’s Arjun Desai shares the best ways advertisers can strategically apply audience data and apply relevant messaging to improve user engagement.


4. Helpful New Shopping Reports in the Updated Adwords Interface

Still working on the older AdWords interface? Here are some of the new reporting features available in the new interface that are worth giving a try.


5. Introducing an Easier Way to Maximize Campaign Results

Now you can manage your Facebook budget and optimize it to maximize results with the new Campaign Budget Optimization feature.


facebook campaign budget optimization


6. New: AdWords Data Control makes Data Studio reports even easier

A new feature has been announced in AdWords Data Studio which lets advertisers choose the accounts for which they wish to see data for in Data Studio Report. This new feature is called Data Control.


7. Are you changing keyword bids too often?

Ted Ives shares his version of when and why to pause testing your campaign bids and making bid adjustments often. Learn about when to think about modifying your bids and when to leave it untouched.


8. PPC Ad Test Settings: The Great Debate

Melisaa Mackey discusses why out of the two ad rotation options available, she would prefer to to choose rotate indefinitely and decide on choosing the winning and losing ads.


9. AdWords Auction Insights report: A key to understanding the competition

Here is a look into how advertisers can use the data from the Auction Insight Report and use it to understanding your performance as well as your competitors. Jason Tabeling discusses about this.

auction insights adwords


10. Google Search: When Organic and Paid Search Efforts Align

Holly Winn discusses how making your SEO and PPC strategy work together helps not only improve conversion rate and traffic but also develop a positive user experience.


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