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How Bing Ads will evolve in 2018, whether advertisers choose search advertising or display advertising, Bing Ads updates exact match close variants to include reordered keywords, strategies to help B2B advertisers make the most from their PPC activities and more in this week’s PPC News recap.


Drive more volume with exact match close variants updates – With this announcement Bing Ads updated the exact match close variant to also include reordered or reworded keywords. Currently this has been made available for select markets.


Get the Most Out of Your Bid in the Facebook Ad Auction – Facebook supports different bidding strategies to help advertisers meet their campaign objective. Here is a best practices guide to help you make the most of the many bidding options available.


Search advertising vs. display advertising: Which delivers the best returns? – Determining whether to opt for search or display advertising is a tough decision to take. Amanda DiSilvestro shares the ways that can help ease out the decision making process.

adwords search advertising - measurable data


Bing Ads to Bring It On Again in 2018 – Bing Ads is speculated to step up their game this year. Chandal Nolasco Da Silva shares insights about the same and how advertisers can look forward to a more optimized platform.


2018 marketing predictions from the C-Suite – Kimberly A Whitler shares what industry experts have to share about the biggest marketing trends that will be seen in 2018.


5 Bad Habits PPC Marketers Need to Break – With the start of 2018, PPC advertisers must be improvising on optimizing their PPC account. Lisa Raehsler discusses the mistakes that marketers generally make and how to rehabilitate them to improve results

adding negative keywords - exact match

5+ B2B AdWords Strategies that will Generate More Leads for Less – B2B struggle with high competition, low search volume and high CPCs with their AdWords campaigns. Jon Park shares the strategies that can help control the cash outflow and drive relevant traffics to the business.


3 marketing trends to watch in 2018 – New customer trends will pave way for new opportunities in the online advertising space. Here are the 3 marketing trends that will help evolve the way in which marketers connect with their customers.


Time-Saving AdWords Editor Features You May Have Missed – Andrea Taylor shares the recent changes made to the AdWords Editor Tool and how they can help save time on some of the key tasks while also streamlining the workflow.

change urls - adwords editor


PPCChat | PPC Automation – When To Use It & How To Control It? | Jan 16, 2018 – Here is the screencap of this week’s PPCChat session hosted by Robert Brady where he put across a range of questions around PPC Automation.


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