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This week witnessed some extraordinary changes by AdWords and Bing. Some are WIP while some have left too much on the plate to be explored.

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All this and more in this new edition:


1. How to Create the Ultimate PPC Landing Page

Don’t just pour money in creating PPC campaigns, but invest wisely. Create an optimized landing page which can drive conversions. The author here discusses the ways in which marketers can develop great landing pages. Read to know more.


2. Cross-Account Negative Keywords & Other MCC Tricks

Frederick Vallaeys audits the recent developments made in AdWords MCC interface. He also shares a useful AdWords script for the untouched ‘Cross-account Negative Keywords List’, which can simplify things for you. Read this post to download the code.


3. 5 ROI-Improving Campaign Types You’ve Never Tried

Are you getting bored doing the same thing? Amanda West-Bookwalter suggests PPCers to be responsive and innovative while managing PPC accounts. She discusses the campaign types which help you stay on top of the game. P.S You don’t want to be labelled as ‘less innovative’ anyway.


4. Paid search Best Practices right in your inbox

Google makes it easy for you to stay up-to-date! They recently announced subscription to their newsletter which would feature a recommendation or video. Subscribe now to get the useful insights straight from the horse’s mouth.


5. Matt Lawson of Google sheds light on cross-device conversions

Skeptical about cross-device conversions? Matt Lawson clears all doubts in this post. If that was not enough, here is the insight shared by Google on how it is working out for marketers.


6. PPCChat on Google Sponsored Promotions

PPC Experts Julie Bacchini, Kirk Williams, Mark Irvine and others share their inputs on Gmail Sponsored Promotions. Make the most out this live chat.


7. Google’s Large Product Listing Ad & Knowledge Panel Hybrid Ads

Jennifer Slegg shares snapshots of the PLA formats Google has been testing. With so many features and specifications put to display, advertisers sure will shell out money. With Google trying to come out with the best possible format, the outcome will be an eye candy. Here’s another article on Wordstream covering the ‘Largest Shopping Ad’ spotted on SERP’s by Margot da Cunha.


8. Another Google PLA Test Targets Low-Priced Products

In another round of Google’s testing spree, the product listing ads highlighted lower price percentage. Ginny Marvin covers that and so does this article from Channel Advisor


9. Introducing engagement columns for Lightbox Display campaigns

Those who use Lightbox Display Campaigns, later this month, may notice additional columns in AdWords Display reporting. Now you can easily view the metrics thanks to Google’s continuous updates.


10. Bing Ads Account Home Page Gets A Total Refresh

Bing also made some spectacular modifications in the Home Page Dashboard. Their change comes as a result of customer feedback. So, if you have explored the new look then you must have tried all features by now. If you haven’t , have a look.


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