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With Thanksgiving holidays the previous week, the PPC domain was flooded with articles on how to make the most out of Black Friday shopping rush. Many must have incorporated the strategies discussed here. For those who didn’t you must definitely make use of the insights shared during the Christmas vacations.

Here are the articles that dominated the PPC landscape the previous week:


1. How to Write High Quality Clickable Ads (No Matter What Network You are On)

Despite all your efforts, does your ad still not show? Adam Lundquist discusses what you need to do differently with your marketing strategy. The most important tactic is to create high quality ads. Learn how to master the art to come up with clickable ads.


2. 7 Ways to Personalize Your PPC Strategy

Personalize your campaign’s messages for your customers and stay ahead of competition. Margot da Cunha shares the 7 tips to win the personalization battle and get close to the what interests your audience.


3. 3 Ways to Win Cyber Monday with PPC

Cyber Monday (the Monday after the Thanksgiving holiday) is strategically the day with the highest conversion rate! So, did you optimize your marketing initiatives? Adam Lundquist tells how.


4. How to win on Black Friday: insights into store traffic trends

Shoppers are turning to their smartphones to make their shopping decisions. Here are some findings decoded by Google to help marketers understand where shoppers will be and connect with them effectively.



5. Appy holidays: ‘Tis the season of downloads, make sure your app is part of this seasons’ activities 

With the holiday season approaching, app developers can expect a rise in the download of their apps. All app marketers must make use of this time and benefit from the rise of shopping through mobile  devices.


6. AdWords app on Android now supports video campaigns and faster account set up

Enhancements made to AdWords app to help you stay connected with your account progress and manage your campaign when on-the-go. So if you haven’t yet downloaded it you must.


7. Google announces new store visit metrics in AdWords

What are store visits and how does it function? Learn more about it and how it can help you get insight into what strategy works best for your business.


8. 4 Things I’ve Learned from 2,000+ AdWords Audits

The answer to why some of the companies fail at succeeding in AdWords. Jacob Baadsgaard shares the common mistakes noticed by him and the ways to tackle it.


9. Why Google Call Tracking Isn’t Ideal for Marketing Agencies

Is call tracking an ideal marketing strategy for companies to adopt. Here is an opinion on the same!


10. AdWords Shopping Ads Enhancements: A Roundup

Make use of the new features launched in Shopping Ads, if you haven’t yet tried them out. Frederick Vallaeys shares some tips to help you master in it.

Shopping Ads


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