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Welcome to this week’s PPC News edition! Google has introduced three new features on the overview page, Manager account on Google Ads mobile app, Microsoft Advertising’s keyword planner, Practical ways of developing creative solutions to gain PPC success, and more.

Google Ads Script – Search Partner Alerts – A Google Ads script by Nils Rooijmans which alerts on high Avg CPCs from clicks in the search partner network & compares the ROAS performance of the Search Partners versus the Google Network.

Do more on the Overview page with three new features – Overview page is an easy way for you to view a summary of your account performance.  That’s why,Google is introducing three new ways for you to get more done on the Overview page. 

Google has introduced three new features on overview page

Manager accounts are now available in the Google Ads mobile app – Google has launched Manager account in the mobile app to easily view and manage all of your Google Ads accounts in one place.

Manager Account in Google ads mobile app

Deadline to adopt parallel tracking for Video campaigns extended to March 31, 2021 – Google has extended the migration deadline to adopt parallel tracking for Video campaigns until 31 March 2021.

Discover powerful new keywords with Keyword Planner – To get started with your keyword research, Microsoft Advertising has one of the most powerful tools which is Keyword Planner. More insight into this blog post.

Meet your marketing objectives with helpful tools and automation – Improved tools and automated solutions to help marketers to do more work than ever before. Learn more in this informative blog post.

CCPA Roll-Out Causes Havoc for Facebook Advertisers – An informative blog post by Susan Wenograd explaining the effect of CCPA Roll Out on Facebook and Instagram Ads.

How to Improve Performance with Google Ads Price Extensions – Google Ads price extensions are one of the manually created extensions within the platform. How to set it up and how does it improve performance, Joe Martinez explains in this blog post.

Google Ads price extension to improve performance

YouTube’s Adding More Ads, with Mid-Roll Breaks Available in Shorter Videos – YouTube has announced an update to its monetization policy which will mean that videos of 8 minutes in length, instead of 10, will now be eligible for mid-roll ads. Get more insight into this update in this blog post written by Andrew Hutchinson.

Why the Path to PPC Success Is Rarely Straight – A brief blog post by Pauline Jakober explaining the practical ways of developing creative solutions, testing, and adjusting.

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