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With 2017 coming to a closure and marketers gearing up for the year 2018, here are some predictions by expert on the trends. Also learn about how to prepare for the Christmas shopping season, importance of brand search campaign, paid search mistakes to avoid making, ways to find negative keywords other than the search terms report and more in this week’s PPC News recap.

Top 2018 Facebook Ads Predictions from the Experts

Facebook ads are making it easier for marketers to reach their target audience. Knowing the bigger role Facebook will play, JD Prater shares what 2018 has in store for Facebook marketers.

measuring facebook ads impact

4 Paid Search Mistakes You Didn’t Know You Were Making

SEM is an evolving industry and to make sure that you make the most from it in the future Erik Huberman shares that 4 mistakes that you must avoid making.


The Importance of Brand Search

Brand search campaigns not part of your digital strategy, as you rank well for those terms organically? Tony Park shares the reasons that makes brand campaigns equally important even if you are ranking well for organic search results.


AdWords: Using the latest ‘Christmas’ features to enhance your travel campaigns

With Christmas round the corner, here are some of the new features introduced by AdWords. Duncan Sills discusses how these features can help enhance especially the travel campaigns.

ad variations adwords


When You Want CTR to Go Down: 5 Tips for Qualifying Users

Michelle Morgan explains how the ad’s messaging can help determine whether a user is qualified to drive a relevant click or not. Discussed are some strategies that can help you succeed with this strategy.



To make the most out of the Christmas holiday time, Matt Lawson shares seven insights from Google’s data about the Christmas Shopping time.


AI delivers deeper consumer connections

Microsoft announced new Intelligent search features in Bing with Artificial Intelligence that could help deliver customized ad experiences.


AdWords: 3 Ways to Find Negative Keywords

Robert Brady on the importance of negative keywords and the 3 other options than the Search Terms Report to find the keywords to be excluded.

google suggest search terms


Predictions: 8 digital marketing trends for 2018

How will 2018 be like for digital marketers? Azadeh Williams shares the top 8 predictions from the market experts.


Target Google AdWords Ads by Customer Address and Phone Number

Matt Southern elaborates on AdWords new feature that lets advertisers target customers by their phone numbers and email address.


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