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Here is this week’s PPC News edition! Performance Planner extended to shopping campaign, Microsoft Advertising’s Multi-Image extension, Improving Ad Performance through Ad Volume Guidance, Facebook’s Ads for Impact Program for Non-Profits, Apple’s crucial consumer opt-in permission to track features & why it has been delayed, and more.

Performance Planner expands to Shopping campaigns – To help advertisers plan their budget and forecast more of campaigns, Google has announced the support of Performance Planner to shopping campaigns.

Google's Performance planner has extended to shopping campaigns

Drive higher ad engagement with Multi-Image Extensions – Microsoft Advertising has announced the availability of Multi-Image Extension for the advertisers in the US which helps to increase attention to your existing text ads by displaying a carousel of up to five images. Haily De La Cruz and Eugene Goldenshteyn explain more about this announcement here.

4 Smart Shopping Myths BUSTED: How to Optimize Even with Limitations – In this blog post, Madhurima Gupta helps to understand 4 of the most common myths around Smart Shopping campaigns and how can they be optimized better.

Smart Shopping myths and how to optimize them

Improving Ad Performance Through Ad Volume Guidance – As promised in October 2019, Facebook has introduced ad limit per page to help advertisers reduce costs and improve ad performance. Susan Wenograd has also shed more light on this announcement in her blog post in SearchEngineJournal.

Confused by Facebook’s Limited Data Use for CCPA? You’re not alone – In July 2020, Facebook suddenly enabled Limited Data Use in advertisers’ accounts in California which was quite confusing and challenging to them. This has limited advertisers’ ability to market or measure the actions customers took from their ads. More insight into this article written by Ginny Marvin.

Facebook suddenly enabled Limited Data Use in advertisers' account in California

Why Google Ads and Google Analytics Convs. Don’t Align (And Why You Should Try The Attribution Beta) – Accurate conversion tracking and effective conversion attribution are two of the biggest challenges in paid search. In this blog, Stephanie White helps to understand two different scenarios where two brands had different attribution discrepancies between Google Ads and Google Analytics & how Google Attribution could help.

Amazon Campaign Structure: How to Structure Your Campaigns – Amazon being the most competitive retail platform in the world, advertisers find it hard to create a successful campaign which boosts revenue. Amazon Campaign Structure is the most overlooked part. Ronald Dod helps us to understand how we can take care of this overlooked part.

Facebook’s Ads for Impact Program for Non-Profits – In this informative blog post, Kristen Palmer talks about Facebook’s initiative to invite NPOs to apply for their new ads for the impact program which will help them to survive in the midst of this unpredictable time.

Facebook Ads for impact program

Apple IDFA consent: Roughly 60% of consumers open to allowing tracking – After Apple’s announcement of it’s most crucial consumer opt-in permission to track features, Facebook & Instagram expressed their concerns on the change this announcement will do to mobile advertisers and publishers. Looking at all the concerns, Apple has delayed the enforcement of this feature until next year. Greg Sterling explains more in this blog post.

Better conversion measurement for video ads on YouTube and our network – Online video plays an important role in helping consumers make purchases. That’s why YouTube has been researching on a more robust non-click conversion metric called EVC (engaged-view conversions). More insight into this blog post.

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