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Welcome to this week’s PPC News recap! Facebook is planning to update Ads Manager and Business Manager, analysis of the partnership between Bing Ads and Verizon India, how Interest Targeting helps to reach your campaign goals and more


Maximize Campaign Results with Cost Cap Bidding Facebook has introduced a new bid strategy to gain more results while controlling the cost. Know more in this write-up.


Cost Cap, Bid Cap, Target cost


Improving Ads Manager and Business Manager Facebook’s plans to update Ads Manager and Business Manager will help in gaining more success to all sized companies. Find out more in this brief article


How to Use LinkedIn’s New Interest Targeting to Reach Your Campaign Goals A brief guide to understand how Interest Targeting will help you to reach your campaign goals.


LinkedIn Interest Targeting


Why Your Business Should Be Advertising on LinkedIn – Beginners Guide As LinkedIn advertising is slowly gaining pace,here is the brief guide to understand it’s importance.


Learn How to Capture Attention and Drive Results with Stories Ads Stories are the best way to communicate your thoughts. Learn how you can gain positive results with stories ads on Facebook’s platform.


Bing Ads Traffic Trends after Verizon Search Deal: An Analysis An expanded partnership between Bing Ads and Verizon India’s has made it easy for advertisers to manage their traffic. Here is an analysis to know more.


Google Average Position – Goodbye Old Friend :-/ Google has announced of removal of Average Position last month and replaced it with more precise metrics. This article will help you to know about those metrics in detail.


Track Quality Score daily with this advanced Adwords script Quality Score is one of the important metrics in Google Ads. Wesley Parker helps us track quality score daily with this advanced Adwords Script.


How to Use the Little Known Google Ads Account Level App Exclusion Blocker As Google Ads has retired his feature last year, Brad Geddes explains 3 little known primary ways to block your ads to show up on apps.




The Guide to B2B Video That Every Tech Marketer Should Read Online videos are an essential part of B2B marketing. Meghan Brockmeyer helps us know the importance of B2B video for Tech Marketers.


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