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Here is the recap of this week’s PPC News! Announcement regarding Google Ads Editor v1.1, Microsoft Advertising’s campaign-level associations, Six ways to optimize your Facebook Ad reach and reduce Ad fatigue,  Broad Match and Phrase Match Modifiers keywords and more.


Google Ads Editor v1.1: easier to use and loaded with new features – Announcement from Google regarding Google Ads Editor v1.1 which has new features like Image picker,Dark mode and IP exclusion and it is lot more easier to use.

Google Ads Editor v1.1: easier to use and loaded with new features


Reach more of the right customers with phrase match and broad match modifiers – Broad Match and Phrase Match Modifiers keywords will begin matching  to search queries that share the same meaning in the coming weeks. This will help advertisers increase clicks and conversion by 3-4%. Learn more here.

Announcing Broad and Phrase modifier

New innovations to grow your app business with ads – As market is becoming competitive, here are some new ways App campaigns can help you expand your global reach.


Save time with campaign-level associations– To associate audiences across every single ad group is very time consuming. Microsoft Advertising rolling out campaign – level associations which save time to apply audience targeting. Nan Li sheds more light in this blog post.


Demystifying visibility metrics in Google Ads– Metrics in Google Ads, play a vital role to identify growth opportunity. Here Amalia Fowler helps us to know six of these metrics and how can we use them in search campaign.


Brand Versus Non-Brand Goals in PPC Campaigns – We often divert our focus to something which giving us required results. This brief article by Pauline Jakober sheds light on a balanced approach when it comes to our PPC program goals.


Simplifying Campaign Creation and Management – Facebook is updating it’s campaign creation and management tools which also includes “improvements to Business Manager, simpler feed ad formats and refined targeting options” to create a better experience for people on Facebook. Learn more in this blog post.


Boosting Reach: Increase Facebook Ad Exposure Without Ad Fatigue – Ad fatigue is real and it takes away the opportunity to stand out from the competition. In this brief article, Ana Gotter explains six ways to optimize your Facebook Ad reach and reduce Ad fatigue.


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