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Advertising on Amazon is a great way to give exposure to your products. With many opting for the same,it becomes crucial to enhance your campaign every now and then to improve overall sales and revenue.

Need for Optimization


With Amazon’s easy to use advertising platform, you might find it easy to run your campaign but if you are not thinking of optimizing your campaign, you might spend more and make less profit. Apart from this, campaign optimization will help you to :

  • Increase conversions thus increase sale
  • Lower Amazon ACoS
  • Reduced Ad spend
  • Increased visibility
  • Improved product ranking


Best Practices to Optimize Amazon Ads


Here are listed the seven practices that you can adopt to optimize your Amazon campaign:


1) By Ad Scheduling

If your ads serve on a particular day or hour, Ad Scheduling is the solution for you. By scheduling your ads,you gain visibility during those productive days or hours and it helps to reduce your ad spend and increase conversions. Unlike other popular paid search platforms, this feature was missing from Amazon Ads but not any more. Ad Scheduling for Amazon Ads by Karooya helps you to gain desired results.


2) By Reducing ACoS

ACoS (Advertising Cost of Sale) plays a major role when it comes to Amazon Ads performance. A high ACoS indicates that you are spending a lot but not able to get satisfying results. Our post “How to reduce Amazon Ads” sheds some light on ways such as

  • Adding Negative Keywords
  • Use Keyword Match Type Efficiently
  • Alter Bids Based on Performance and more.


3) By Bidding on Competitor Products

Should we do it? Will this approach work? As these questions pop up in our mind, we miss to even consider this approach. Brand Bidding does not deplete your advertising budget , but instead, it helps showcase your products along side your competitors and boost your revenue significantly.


4) By Identifying Irrelevant Search Terms

Download Search Term Report to look for keywords which are under-performing or are irrelevant to your business. Update these keywords as Negative Keywords and save your precious budget. To view historical search query data, you could use Karooya’s Archival Feature, which archives the search terms data for more than 60 days.


5) By Avoiding Duplicate Keywords

Duplicate keywords split the campaign’s data and hence affects the overall performance. Use this new feature developed by Karooya to download “Duplicate Keyword Report” and identify duplicate keywords along with their performance details.


6) By Organizing Your Campaign

Organize your campaign by product categories, by brand and by ad groups. Let’s find out more about each one of them:

  1. By Product Categories: Arranging products in categories is the easy way to serve what customers want. For example, if you sell shoes for babies, men and women, it’s good if you can arrange them in different categories like baby shoes, Men’s shoes etc.
  2. By Brand: If you are a seller who holds products from different brands, you can choose this option. For example, If you have products from Dressberry, Gini and Jony, Mango,Puma, you can organize them by brand. It helps customer to get his desired products under one roof.
  3. By Ad Groups: Once campaign is created, you can organize similar products with similar keywords in ad groups. For example,  you can use a general grouping for baby products. To be more refine, you can create group for pampers or baby soaps.

With regards to above mentioned methods, you can find what works best for you. This will make optimizing bit easy.


7) By Tracking Your Product Performance

Tracking your products performance will help you to decide where to put the large percentage of your PPC budget. Wait for minimum one week to check which of your products doing well and which are under performing. Well performing products can be kept together and you can bid high on these products which in turn will give you high conversion.


Final Thoughts


As we are in a competitive market, we need to focus on gaining more visibility and sales. A well optimize campaign will make the findings easier. Be patient as it will take some time for you to see the results after optimizing the campaign. Once you discover most suitable optimization method for your campaign, change one feature at a time to test and wait for some days to see the results.


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