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Welcome to this week’s PPC News recap! Microsoft Advertising’s Parallel tracking and final URL suffix, Quora’s announcement regarding new and improved ads targeting experience,Combination of Smart bidding and Last-Click Attribution, Twitter providing clarity on political advertising in Canada and more.


Offering Greater Transparency for Social Issue, Electoral or Political Ads in More Countries – Announcement from Facebook regarding transparency tools for advertisers wanting to place ads about social issues, elections or politics.


Better tracking with final URL suffix and more custom parameters – Announcement from Microsoft Advertising regarding Parallel tracking,final URL suffix to avoid delay in loading the websites.

View of flow showing faster path to final URL using parallel tracking.


Bringing Ads to Explore, Instagram’s Discovery Destination – On Instagram, people go to explore if they want to discover ,connect with people or shop. Learn here regarding an announcement to introduce ads in explore feed to discover latest trends.


New and Improved Ads Targeting Experience – Quora is announcing new categories which will help advertisers make informed targeting choices to reach their goals. Get more insight here.


Providing clarity on political advertising in Canada – Keeping a goal of transparency with regards to advertising during elections, Twitter has announced the expansion of political advertising transparency efforts to Canada. Michele Austin sheds more light on the same.


After Google Shopping and Google Images, Google Ads begins testing carousel format for text ads. – As ad carousal has often been seen in shopping ads or on Google images, now Google Ads begins to test Sponsored Links of text in carousel format. Learn more here.


CTR Impact from Recent Google Ad Label Change Still Unclear – Google’s new black ad labels on mobile devices and favicon feature might boost the rate at which searchers interact with paid ad units. However, early data gives a different picture altogether. A brief article by Andy Taylor explaining the same.

Google Phone Text Ad CTR


Get your campaigns ready to reach the always-on deal seeker – When it comes to online shopping, customers are on a look out for great deals throughout the year. Here are listed some new tools which help advertisers to reach to the right audience.

Why Smart Bidding and Last-Click Attribution are a Dangerous Combination – There are some dangerous combination we need to avoid using in our PPC account with regards to automation. One such combination is Smart bidding and Last-Click attribution. Frederick Vallaeys gives more insight on the same.


Don’t Miss the YouTube Mockup Tool – YouTube Mockup Tool is a free tool from Google for advertisers. What is this tool all about and how to use it, Joe Martinez explains in this brief write-up.


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