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With the new AdWords Editor launched last week, there is a lot to explore and implement. Here are some other interesting reads that help you understand how to optimally design display ads, analyze travel paid search, know more about voice search, evaluate whether Facebook PPC campaign is for you or not and more.

Here are the PPC stories that hogged the limelight the previous week:


1. AdWords Editor now supports labels, upgraded URL’s, ads in apps and more!

Explore the updated version of AdWords 11.0 which now supports labels, call-only ads, mobile app targeting , custom affinity audience , upgraded URL’s, ads in mobile apps and more. Upgrade to the updated version and make use of the umpteen features.


2. OTAs lead top travel advertisers in paid search

Interested in Travel paid search? Here is some data for you. AdGooroo tells you about top advertisers in travel domain.


3. Universal Search Integration 2015

New study on universal search integration indicates that 80% of searches have at least one universal search integration. This and lot more in this SearchMetrics whitepaper


4. The rise of voice search and something you can do about it

What you can do about the growth of voice search? John Gagnon of Bing Ads tells two key elements of voice search and how to put them in use.


5. Best practices for Display by Google

Struggling with display ads? Learn how to optimally design ads that can catch eyeballs and smartly break through the clutter.


6. Give yourself A Grade in AdWords

Fredrick Vallaeys, Co-founder of Optmyzr discusses how to evaluate your AdWords performance with his favorite tried & tested tools and methods.


7. Does Google AdWords Work?

The author breaks the 4 misconceptions marketers carry about AdWords, eventually concluding how it is a ‘hit’ for businesses.


8. Combining PPC and SEO to Change the Way Your Audience Finds & Sees You

Read how PPC & SEO complement each other and how both strategies are equally important for a successful online presence.


9. When a Facebook PPC Campaign is Not a Good Idea

Are you investing in Facebook ads? The writer discusses the instances when it is not wise to shell out money for Facebook PPC campaigns.


10. Google AdWords Offers Guided Flows Tutorials Or Tours

New to AdWords? Or still struggling with it? Google has introduced Guided Flows, which step-by-step guides you through your Adwords account.


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