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Learn about Google Ads plans to update GDN mobile targeting and exclusions, new bidding strategies added to Bing Ads platform, about Bin Ads remarketing exclusions, Bing Ads success story with AOL, identifying paid search prospects and more in this week’s PPC News recap.


Remarketing exclusions in Bing Ads Editor – Refine your ad audience with negative remarketing lists in Bing Ads Editor. Remarketing eclusion helps you focus on audiences achieving higher ROI while excluding the ones not contributing much.

bing ads negative audience


Google is deprecating to exclude apps from Google Display campaigns – Google Ads is working on making changes to targeting and exclusion controls to GDN campaigns which will result in rise in mobile app traffic. Ginny Marvin shares details about how to fine tune app targeting and exclude apps from displaying your ads.


3 Strategies to Align PPC Campaigns to Sales Funnel Stages – Anthony Capetola on how advertisers need to create separate campaigns for each stage of the sales funnel and not just drive focus to top-of-funnel individuals.


Five expert tactics to improve PPC campaign performance – Advanced tactics that can help optimize your performance, when having tried all the obvious ones. Here are the tips you might want to implement immediately.


Automated bidding strategies: Target CPA and Maximize Conversions – Now you have more options to help you achieve your performance goals. Try out the new Target CPA and Maximum Conversions bidding strategies, made available last week.

target cpa bing ads


AOL: Does it add value to your Bing PPC account? – Alaina Thompson shares findings that show that Bing Ads partnership with AOL is indeed paying off well for its advertisers.


How To See Your Competitors’ Facebook Ads – Robert Brady shares details about how you can view your competitor’s Facebook ads on the platform and how to take advantage from this.


8 Important Ways to Qualify Your Paid Search Prospects – Qualifying elements in your ad text can make all the difference to your campaign performance. Pauline Jakober discusses the ways in which you can qualify your prospects.

ad qualifier location

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