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Here’s a recap of last week’s trending articles. From a study conducted by Acquisio on over 90,000 campaigns to case studies that back bidding on non branded keywords. Find the top 10 articles handpicked from the PPC knowledge space.


1. What We Learned About Google’s Top 4 Change From 90,000 PPC Campaigns

Acquisio recently shared their findings on a study conducted over 90K campaigns before and after Google announced the change of removing side bar ads and introducing four ads in the results page. Find out what the findings are in this post.

Acquisio Formula


2. Stay Ahead Of The Competition With These Advanced PPC Tactics
Diane Anselmo shares PPC tactics that are worth exploring and a stepping stone in taking your marketing activities a booster. Learn about these tactics to help your business or your client’s maintain their visibility across the PPC space.


3. How Valuable Are PPC Skills Anyway?

Why you need PPCers who carry expertise and have deep knowledge of principles with the ability to find solution and act upon it? Here’s Robert Brady explaining how valuable PPC skills are.

PPC Skills


4. Get up close with PPC KPIs to improve your performance

Matthew Umbro explores the pros and cons of optimizing paid search metrics. He discusses how the success of any PPC account is dependent on the functionality of these metrics. Learn more about it in this post.


5. Build Lower Maintenance PPC Campaigns With These 4 Tips

Often you don’t get the chance to build an account from scratch. However, if you do, here are few tips to keep in mind while setting up a new account or while building a new campaign for an existing account. More details in this post.



6. Should you bid on non-branded keywords that you already rank organically for?

Wesley Parker shares his viewpoint on the age old question of should you bid on non brand terms you already hold organic rank for. He shares case study to back his answer of bidding on organic terms to increase conversion rates. More about it in this post.

Non Brand Keywords Bidding


7. Tips for Using Mobile-Preferred Ads & Ad Extensions #MobileMondays [ New ]

Here is an interesting tip on how you can make use of the ‘Device Preference’ setting while creating your ad messaging, what it means and how strategic action steps can turn profitable.


8. 13 Ways to Combat Shopping Cart Abandonment

Here is an extensive article on on how advertisers can solve one of their biggest hurdle of ‘Shopping Cart Abandonment’. Learn the 13 ways with which you can improve your ecommerce experience and reduce abandonment of shopping cart, one of them being remarketing with AdWords.


9. Announcing the developer preview for Bing’s new Search APIs
Bing recently announced their Search APIs for developers to help them leverage their apps, make them more engaging with smarter experience. Learn what’s new in this developer preview and how you can access the new APIs in this announcement from Bing.


10. New ad formats and targeting to find, keep and monetize high-quality gamers
Here’s the announcement by AdWords that shares the new features in AdWords and AdMob to help developers reach their users, promote apps and earn money from rewarded ads with AdMob. Learn more about it here.


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