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Welcome to this week’s edition of PPC News! Google Ads editor v1.4, Quora’s Lead Gen forms, Microsoft advertising made high quality visuals available for image ads, A sneak-peek into PPC town hall, Facebook’s holdout test and more.

Google Ads Editor v1.4: Support for recommendations and local campaigns – Release of Google Ads Editor v1.4 supports recommendations and local campaign.

Google Ads Editor v1.4 supports recommendations and local campaign

New research: How a full funnel Sponsored Display strategy can help drive sales – As a place where shoppers look for inspiration and information throughout their journey, Amazon can help facilitate discovery and engagement early in the journey through full-funnel sponsored display strategy. Learn more in this informative blog post.

Stand out with free high-quality visuals available for image ads – To help find the right images for the campaigns, Microsoft is partnering with Shutterstock to provide free access to over 320 million high-quality, advertising-ready images for use in Microsoft Advertising. Barry Schwartz shed more light on the same in his searoundtable blog post.

PPC Town Hall 17: How to look beyond ROAS to optimize PPC – For many marketers, ROAS is a way of calculating and formulating next steps to achieve higher revenue. Hosted by Frederick Vallaeys, this week’s PPC town hall helps to know how we can optimize PPC beyond ROAS.

Capture High-quality Prospects with Lead Gen Forms – Quora is offering a new way for advertisers to capture prospects who want to learn more about their offering: Lead Gen Forms. Get more insight in this blog post.

Quora Lead Gen Forms to learn more about Quora'a offering

Buy on Google is now open and commission-free – Sellers who participate in Buy on Google checkout experience will no longer have to pay a commission fee. Google is also giving retailers more choice by opening its platform to third-party providers—starting with PayPal and Shopify. Learn more in this article written by Bill Ready.

Measuring Conversion Lift with a Facebook Holdout Test – Facebook Experiments offers an easy-to-use feature, called holdout tests which is allowing you to compare conversion performance vs. those who did see ads. Tim Jensen explains more about this here.

How to set up Facebook Holdout test

Scaling Back Your PPC Program? Here’s What You Need to Consider – In this article, Pauline Jakober gives us an example of some of the trade-offs advertisers have to make when dedicating some of their existing budgets to a new product launch.

How To Increase Facebook Traffic Without Sacrificing RevenueAaron Childs explains the strategy to boost your Facebook campaign traffic without throwing tons of extra budget at it or sacrificing efficiency.

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