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From Google’s announcement of location specific mobile ads to tips from PPC expert Melissa, here’s the synopsis of the stories that will be ‘food for thought‘ for your PPC campaigns:


1. Google Adds “Nearby Business” Mobile Ad Format For Location-Related Searches

With 80% of ‘near me’ search queries coming from mobile, the ‘Nearby Business’ feature sure is another feather in the cap for advertisers. So, if you have location extension enabled in your account, this is good news for you.


2. Dynamic keyword insertion: Use it, or lose it?

Melissa Mackey’s post on using DKI has triggered a long and interesting discussion. Check out the post and the comments.


3. Pay-per-click tips and discussions

Don’t have the access to new Adwords Report Editor? Want to still get Advanced Reporting to your AdWords account?  Here is a useful tip by Martin Roettgerding @bloomarty


4. Enterprise paid media campaign management platform – A marketer’s report

Click on the link above to download the research report on PPC Campaign management tools by DMD


5. 3 Tests to Improve Your Mature PPC Campaigns

Interestingly, the theory of Product Life Cycle, applies to AdWords Campaigns as well. Know, how you can prevent your ‘now’ mature campaign from entering into the decline phase.


6. Should You Segment Your PPC Campaigns By Match Type?

Columnist, Amand West-Bookwalter, discusses when it is best to opt for match type segmentation. Here’s a link to another story by Kirk Williams, Founder of ZATO, where he thoroughly analyzes 4 arguments that suggest why it is not a good deal to separate match types by Ad Groups.


7. Considerations for Nailing your PPC Account

Being a digital marketer isn’t easy, right? The author speaks of the key tactics one needs to master to succeed in the the PPC sphere. Knowing your audience, reviewing keywords , getting under the skin of your brand, etc. being some of the key steps.


8. Should you bid on brand terms? Bing Ads releases studies on retail and travel brands

Yet another study about bidding on brand keywords. This time from Bing. You already know the answer. But, click on it anyway, for some additional numbers.


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