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Your PPC account has pre-defined limits of using some of the key features, a thing often missed out by advertisers. Though the limits are considerably large and haven’t been the cause of concern, knowing about it can help plan your campaigns more effectively.

Each platform, whether be it Google Ads, Bing Ads or Amazon Ads have clearly outlined the limits within which the advertises need to function. We compared the campaign limits between Sponsored Products from Amazon Ads and Google Ads and here is the result in tabulated form.


Sponsored Product Limits Google Ads Limits
Campaigns 10,000 10,000
Ad Groups in a Campaign 20,000 20,000
Ads in Ad Group 10,000 (manual targeting), 500,000 (automatic targeting)
  • 300 image/gallery ads per ad group
  • 50 active text and non-image/ gallery ads per ad group
  • 4 million ads per account
Keywords in an Ad Group 1,000 (manual targeting) 20,000 ad group targeting items per ad group (such as keywords, placements, and audience lists)
Campaign Negative Keywords 10,000 10,000
Ad Group Negative Keywords 10,000 – NA-
Shared Negative Keyword List – NA –
  • 20 Shared Negative Keyword Lists
  • 5,000 keywords per list
Negative Keyword Search Terms 10 words or 80 characters for Exact Match & 4 words or 80 characters for Phrase Match – NA-


Note: Ironically Amazon’s platform has a discrepancy, while adding the negative keywords it mentions ‘You can add upto 1000 negative keywords’. As of now, we will take 10,00 as the number of  negative keywords that can be added (stated in the helps docs)


Interestingly, the major difference comes in Shared Negative Keywords List and Negative Keyword Search Terms between the two platforms.


Where Amazon Ads doesn’t have the former, Google Ads doesn’t have the latter limitation. When it comes to adding negative keywords, there are no limitations on the match type character limit in Google Ads, whereas Amazon has included that. On the other hand, Amazon Ads doesn’t support Shared Negative Keywords List (a feature much needed to share some common negative keywords across multiple campaigns) whereas Google Ads not only support this but facilitates it with the mentioned limits.


We have recently launched a new feature with which advertisers can create and associate negative keyword list in Amazon Ads. Read here to know about this new product feature and how to use it.


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