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Advertisers using Bing Ads and AdWords for their PPC activities, would want to sync their campaigns on both the platforms. With Bing Ads Automated Imports, advertisers can skip the trouble of manually importing each and every update made.


What are Automated Imports?


automated import to bing ads

Launched a year back, Automated Imports lets advertisers schedule their import Daily, Weekly or Monthly. With this update, advertisers would no longer have to manually update the changes made in AdWords in Bing Ads. It simplifies the task and ensures that both account run seamlessly.


Here is a quick run through of how to set up Automated Imports in your Bing Ads account



Start with clicking on Import Campaigns > Import from Google AdWords 

Bing Ads - import from AdWords


Link your Google AdWords account, select the campaigns you wish to import, any campaign settings you want to alter (you might want to alter the bids and budget in Bing Ads depending on your marketing spend)

details of import from Google AdWords


Now that you have selected the import details, time to schedule the import.

schedule import from adwords


Select the frequency of the update depending on how often you alter the AdWords campaign settings.

schedule details settings


Once saved, you can view the import summary and log of all the imports that have happened till date

bing ads import schedule summary and log


With these quick steps you can make what once would have been a tedious task, a manageable and well executed task.


You might want to have a quick look at this handy Bing Ads Import checklist of the things you must review once the campaign has been imported from Google AdWords.


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