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Here is the list of top PPC experts who are zealous bloggers and always share their knowledge on PPC. One can improve his PPC techniques with their case studies and guides. It is an amazing idea to follow them to remain updated with the day-to-day PPC tasks.


Pauline Jakober


Pauline Jakober is very much passionate about PPC management. Her articles help us to know all about PPC and its secrets.

As ads have become more complex, figuring out why people click or do not click on certain ads has become very much difficult. Let’s find out Pauline’s views on the same and gain an understanding of why people click on certain ads.

PPC is all about performance. Performance is what most clients want. But some PPC pros have a dirty secret: Importance of Brand Awareness. Let’s hear her out when she explains why brand awareness doesn’t get the attention it deserves and what can happen when you cut it.

Pauline is CEO of Group Twenty Seven, an online advertising agency specializing in the Google AdWords and Bing Ads networks. She and her team are thankful for the many PPC functions and tools that made their jobs easier in 2019 and it helped them deliver better results to their clients.

When you are new to Paid Search Advertising, you might find yourself trapped in something you didn’t foresee. But when you know where the catch is, you can take proactive steps to avoid them. So arm yourself with foresight and knowledge so you don’t get entangled in PPC Snags.


Andy Taylor


Andy Taylor is an expert marketer who likes analyzing new trends across the digital marketing spectrum for best practices.

As Voice Search is slowly making its way in this high tech world, paid search platforms are yet to grab this opportunity fully. The biggest challenge regarding voice at present is quantifying the opportunity. Let’s hear Andy out as he gives us some indications which will help us to examine any changes.

Branded keywords have always been a source of controversy in the paid search industry. As the brand conversion rate is significantly higher than that of non-brand traffic, we need to be smart to ensure that increases are controlled. Let’s learn how to approach the rising Google brand CPC.


Martin Roettgerding


Martin Roettgerding, head SEM at Bloofusion, helps to understand A/B Ad testing in the three series posts.

When it comes to A/B testing Google Ads, you can’t leave it to Google. You have to take control. The best practices which help us to understand how to do this, do not work. Martin has shared his findings against the approach that we call “best practice” in the blog post “Debunking Ad Testing Part 1: Statistical Significance“.

In the first series, Martin demonstrated where statistical significance leads us off track. In the second series, he has collected some examples and a lot of data to demonstrate where it all goes wrong.

The last edition of this series explains how evaluating an ad test can lead to the wrong conclusions by going just below the top level.


Julie F Bacchini


Julie is among the most influential PPC experts and an organizer of PPCChat on Twitter. In one of the PPCChat, she has discussed AI & ML as it relates to PPC. Also, in her blog post, she has expressed her views on Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning saying, “I would like to be able to do what Fred talks about in his book, which is to be able to take advantage of AI and ML for things that they excel at and leave me to do things that machines simply can’t do well.”

Investing in branding is quite important but the bigger issue is that a lot of businesses don’t think they have to really do it anymore. Learn Julie’s take on Branding and Brand awareness and hope that brand advertising can get the respect and budget it deserves.


Tim Jensen


Here, Tim Jensen who is PPC Campaign Manager in Clixmarketing revolves his thoughts around PPC Competitor Bidding. Is it ok to bid on competitors? should Google allow brands to bid on competitor brand names? Let’s find out.


Emma Franks


SKAGs were one of the ways to boost ROI from Search back in 2015. But as the years roll by, you notice that they are becoming harder to manage. You wonder, “are SKAGs still a best practice to get the most from my SEM strategies? Will SKAGs withstand the impending changes yet to be revealed?” Emma Franks helps you to break it all down.


Greg Swan


Take a quick look with Greg Swan at what long-tail keywords are, why they’re a cornerstone of your paid search strategy, and the best tools for finding new long-tail keywords to improve your keyword targeting with both Google and Amazon ad campaigns.


Ana Gotter


To see how our ads are performing, we tend to look into all the metrics. But instead, It’s incredibly important to look at conversion rates, costs, relevance scores, and click-through rates only on Facebook Ads to increase reach without falling prey to ad fatigue. Here, Ana Gotter helps us to know how we can increase reach while keeping ad fatigue at bay and why this is so, so important.


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