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Welcome to this week’s PPC News recap! Google Adwords and Analytics form a powerful partnership, Voice search opportunity in Google, Seven less common  things about LinkedIn’s Lookalike Audience and more

Google Analytics and Google Ads: A Powerful Pairing – A creative step by Google to find a solution to today’s marketing challenges. Get an insight here.


The Future of Google Ads Keyword Targeting – Changes to Google Ad’s Keyword match type suggests that Google is slowly merging all match type. So, what lies in the future for Keyword match type? Brett Fratzke helps to know in this write-up.


Drive customers to immediate action with Action Extensions – Announcement from Bing Ads regarding Action extension. Follow the link to get an insight on “How to set up action extensions, Bing Ads’ newest ad extension“.


Answers to Your Top Video Ad Questions – Video advertising is quite common on YouTube. But still businesses are reluctant to use them and have a lot of queries. Pauline Jakober answers some of the queries in this article.


5 Split Testing Ideas for Your PPC Campaign – PPCers always test the campaigns to know their performance. In this write-up, Andrea Taylor shed light on few testing ideas which are less common.


What the numbers tell us about the current voice search opportunity – As voice search is slowly making its way in this high tech world, paid search platforms are yet to grab this opportunity fully. Andy Taylor sheds light on some signals which will help us to examine any changes.


What $1 Million Dollars in Ad Spend Reveals about Facebook Campaign Budget Optimization – In this article learn about the true impact on Campaign Budget Optimization after spending $1 Million Dollars.


Amazon puts a dent in Google’s ad dominance – Amazon is spreading its wings when it comes to advertising. PPCers are shifting their attention from Google to Amazon. Follow Suzanne Vranica  as she helps to know people’s opinion on the same.


7 Things You Need to Know About LinkedIn Lookalike Audiences – With LinkedIn’s recent Lookalike Audience update, reaching the right audience has become easy. This article shed light on seven things about this update which many do not know.



Pump up the power of your display ads – Over the years, consumers have got tired of irrelevant banner, display ads which adversely affected advertiser’s ROI. Here is how you can boost the power of your display ads by combining native ads, AI and audience targeting. Tom Costello discusses it in detail in this post.


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