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While handling your Google Ads account, some tasks are very tiresome and take a lot of time. Google Ads scripts help you to make things automated which in turn saves hours of your time. In this post, we will talk about some Google Ads scripts which made headline in the year 2019.

Google Ads scripts


Advanced Google Ads script to forecast ad performance – Putting accurate projections of your future paid search spend is tedious and time-consuming. To address this, Wesley Parker has come up with a script that creates forecasts for you based on past performance.


Are small errors like worldwide targeting draining your budget? This Google Ads script can help – Here is a Google Ads script by Daniel Gilbert which helps you to avoid errors like worldwide targeting which can drain your budget. This script helps you with a quick and easy way to root out any mistakes leading to inefficiency, over-aggressive bidding, and ultimately to budget wastage.


You’re Doing PPC Ad Tests Wrong – This Script Will Help – In this post, Frederick Vallaeys shares a script that helps with the Ad testing and preparing data about what historical ad texts have worked well.


A script to create a Google Ads Experiments dashboard – Due to the lack of an experiment dashboard in Google Ads, experimentation and testing can become very critical. Frederick Vallaeys shares a free Google Ads script that generates an experiment dashboard and makes it easier for advertisers to stay on top of the experiments they’re doing.


A Simple & Customizable Google Ads Script To Prevent Your Account from Overspending – A Google Ad script by Christine Zirnheld which will check your total account spend every hour and pause all active campaigns if the account has spent more than the maximum amount you’ve set.


Get more conversions by deconstructing your PPC ads – Here is a Google Ad script by Frederick Vallaeys which helps to get more conversions by deconstructing your responsive search ads.


[Adwords Script] Adwords budget tracker – When you are running several accounts within an MCC client or agency, checking the budget on a daily bases can be difficult.  Adword budget tracker script by Wesley Parker helps to track your spend on a daily basis against your monthly budget.


[AdWords Script] Compare Performance of ETAs (Expanded Text Ads) 3 Headlines vs 2 Headlines –  As an additional description and headline were added to the Expanded Text Ads last year, this script from Karooya helps to do the comparison between old and updated ETAs.


Track Quality Score daily with this advanced Adwords script -As quality score being an important metric, it is important to track it on a daily bases. In this blog post, Wesely Parker shares a Google Ad script to track the quality score daily.


Google Ads script: How to automatically apply bid modifiers – Here is the updated Bid Modifier script by Daniel Gilbert that automatically applies modifiers for device, location, in-market and remarketing audiences based on performance.


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