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Two years back, we developed an AdWords Script that helped advertisers identify duplicate keywords as well as close variants. Today we have updated the script to let advertisers specify their preferred language and generate the list of duplicate keywords in that language.

What does the Duplicate Keyword AdWords script?


The problem with duplicate keywords is that:

  • You will never know the real performance of a keyword.  If the search queries are being matched with multiple close variant keywords, the actual performance is combined performance of all those keywords.
  • Your metrics may show a wrong picture.  For a month, if traffic from [pet food] moves to [pets food], you might get worried. You will try to find the answer with bids, ads and other changes that you may have done to the account.  Such false alarms are undesirable. They can make you complacent and ignore the real ones as well.
  • Your ad test may take longer time to arrive at significance. If the keywords [pet food] and [pet foods] are in separate ad groups and you are testing a new ad copy,  you will arrive at a conclusion faster if only of the keyword was getting all the impressions. Having traffic spread across multiple keywords means sub-optimal ad copies will be shown for longer duration, thereby affecting the performance of the account.

We bring you the true duplicate keyword detector.  Most of the existing solutions identify  presence of one keyword across multiple ad groups. This doesn’t solve the problem of close variants.

The AdWords script developed by us will flag even the close variants as duplicates

This AdWords script identifies the duplicates within same keyword match type. For instance, the keywords [pet food] in exact match and “pet food” in phrase match are not shown as duplicates.


What has changed in the Duplicate Keywords AdWords Script?


In the updated script, you can specify the language in which you wish to view the duplicate keywords. If your AdWords account is running in any language other than English, for e.g., French language, then with this recent change, you can identify duplicate keywords and close variants in French language across all the campaigns.

To do this you need to specify the preferred language in the script and run it to get the desired results. The variable that needs to be modified to the desired language is ACCOUNT_LANGUAGE_CODE. Following are the languages in which the script has been made accessible and their respective codes:

  •  ar: Arabic
  •  bg: Bulgarian
  •  cz: Czech
  •  da: Danish
  •  nl: Dutch
  •  en: English
  •  fi: Finnish
  •  fr: French
  •  de: German
  •  hu: Hungarian
  •  no: Norwegian
  •  pt: Portuguese
  •  ro: Romanian
  •  ru: Russian
  •  es: Spanish
  •  sv: Swedish
  •  tr: Turkish

To get the script click here

To learn about how you can use the script click here.


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