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Dominating the ever-evolving Amazon marketplace requires constant adaptation and keen awareness of your competitors’ maneuvers. Understanding their strategies isn’t just about copying – it’s about uncovering your own blind spots and identifying areas for improvement. This allows you to strategically level up, close the gap, and fight for top rankings with greater confidence.

In this post we’ll delve into 5 powerful competitive intelligence tools that are specifically designed to:

  • Analyze competitor listings, pricing tactics, keyword choices, and even ad campaigns
  • Receive real-time updates on competitor actions to react swiftly and stay in the lead
  • Discover lucrative product opportunities, promising niches, and untapped keyword potential to fuel your own growth.
  • Benchmark your performance against competitors, analyze customer sentiment, and gather data-driven insights for optimizing your listings and campaigns.

Cerebro by Helium 10

Cerebro, a powerful keyword research tool designed to dissect your competitors’ strategies and unearth hidden keyword goldmines. Go beyond basic search volume and dive deep into the minds of your rivals, giving you the ultimate edge in product ranking and PPC campaigns.

  • Reverse ASIN Lookup: Uncover the keywords your competitors are targeting by entering their ASINs.
  • SpyOn Competitors: Analyze your competitors’ Amazon listings in detail, including product descriptions, keywords, pricing history, and sponsored ads data.
  • Bulk ASIN Research: Analyze multiple ASINs at once for keyword data, competitor insights, and historical sales trends.
  • Long Tail Keyword Tool: Discover valuable long-tail keyword variations used by your competitors, often with lower competition and higher conversion potential.
  • Alerts: Set up notifications for competitor listing changes, pricing updates, new promotions, and inventory fluctuations.
  • Hijacker Detection: Identify potential hijackers trying to sell counterfeit products under your listings.
  • Review Sentiment Analysis: Analyze your competitors’ customer reviews to understand their strengths and weaknesses, and identify areas for improvement in your own offerings.
  • Email Follow-Up Automation: Automate email follow-ups to customers who purchase from your competitors, offering incentives to switch to your brand.

Cerebro is available as part of Helium 10’s suite of seller tools. Pricing varies depending on the plan you choose:

  • Diamond Plan: $229/month (Includes all Platinum features plus additional tools, Ideal for experienced sellers facing high competition and requiring comprehensive market intelligence and listing optimization)
  • Platinum Plan: $79/month (Includes unlimited Cerebro searches, Suitable for established sellers facing moderate competition and seeking deeper competitor analysis)
  • Starter Plan: $29/month (Good for beginners and individual sellers with manageable competition)
  • Free Plan: Limited access to some Cerebro features, including basic keyword research and competitor analysis.Ideal for testing the platform and learning the ropes.

Keyword Scout by Jungle Scout

Keyword Scout by Jungle Scout is a dedicated competitive intelligence tool within Jungle Scout’s suite of Amazon seller software. Here’s a breakdown of its key features:

  • Reverse ASIN Lookup: Uncover the exact keywords your competitors are ranking for by entering their ASINs. Analyze keyword search volume, organic and sponsored rank, estimated sales, and historical trends.Identify high-performing keywords driving traffic and sales for your competitors.
  • Compare keyword landscape: See which keywords each competitor ranks for & identify gaps in your own strategy.
  • Advanced filtering: Filter keywords by search volume, rank, estimated sales, competition & more.
  • Historical data (Suite plan): Track past keyword performance for up to 2 years & identify seasonal trends.
  • PPC cost estimation: Estimate CPC for specific keywords & optimize campaigns for better ROI. Identify opportunities to target profitable keywords with lower competition and CPC. Optimize your PPC campaigns for improved ROI based on competitor data.
  • Long-tail keyword discovery: Find low-competition, high-conversion variations.
  • Export data: For further analysis and integration with other tools.
  • Competitor keyword alerts: Stay ahead of the curve with notifications about changes.


Please note: Keyword Scout features vary depending on the Jungle Scout plan you subscribe to. The Basic plan offers limited access, while the Suite plan unlocks all of the functionalities mentioned above.

  • Basic: $49/month. Limited features, best for beginners (Reverse ASIN lookup, basic keyword data, limited filters)
  • Professional: $99/month. More features, good for established sellers (All Basic features, plus keyword trends, advanced filters, long-tail variations)
  • Suite: $199/month. All features, ideal for high-volume sellers (All Professional features, plus historical data, PPC cost estimation, competitor alerts, and export functionality)
  • Free Trial: Available for Basic & Professional plans.
  • Enterprise Plan: Customized for large-scale sellers, contact Jungle Scout for pricing.

SellerApp Competitive Research Tool Features

SellerApp equips Amazon sellers with a comprehensive suite of competitive intelligence tools. Gain deep insights into your rivals’ strategies by tracking their listings, pricing, keywords, and sales data. Uncover profitable product opportunities, identify weaknesses in competitor pricing, and stay ahead of potential product hijacking attempts.

  • Track Competitors’ ASINs: Monitor sales, revenue data, listing updates, and historical trends of your competitors.
  • Reverse ASIN Lookup: Uncover keywords your competitors are targeting, including search volume, competition level, and ranking strategy.
  • Identify Profitable Products: Analyze historical sales data and product trends to find potential winners in your niche.
  • Track Competitor Pricing: Monitor competitor price changes and optimize your own pricing strategies accordingly.
  • Review Analysis: Analyze competitor reviews to identify strengths and weaknesses and improve your own listings.
  • Hijacker Detection: Stay informed about potential product hijackers trying to sell counterfeit products under your listing.
  • Alerts & Notifications: Get notified about changes in competitor listings, pricing, and reviews.
  • Data Exports: Download competitor data for further analysis in spreadsheets or other tools.


The pricing for SellerApp’s Competitive Research Tool is actually part of their larger suite of Amazon seller tools, packaged into different plans with varying features and pricing options.

Freemium Plan:

  • Cost: $0 per month
  • Features:
    • Basic product research
    • Free Amazon Keyword Planner
    • Duplicate keyword remover
    • Limited competitive insights

Pro Lite Plan:

  • Cost: $39 per month (billed annually) or $49 per month (billed monthly)
  • Features:
    • All Freemium features
    • Advanced competitor analysis
    • Enhanced keyword research tools
    • 50 ASIN competitor tracking
    • 500 keyword searches/month
    • Listing optimization insights
    • Listing health score & more

Professional Plan:

  • Cost: $50 per month (billed annually) or $99 per month (billed monthly)
  • Features:
    • All Pro Lite features
    • Unlimited ASIN competitor tracking
    • Unlimited keyword searches
    • Market intelligence reports
    • Product launch & tracking
    • FBA fee calculator & more

Instant Keyword Research by SEMRush

SEMRush’s Instant Keyword Research for Amazon empowers you to uncover profitable keywords hidden within your competitors’ ranks. This free tool lets you:

Mine your rivals’ riches:

  • Identify competitor’s top organic keywords: Enter a competitor’s ASIN and Instantly see the top keywords they rank for in organic Amazon search.
  • Analyze keyword performance: Get details like search volume, competition level, and estimated sales for each keyword.
  • Discover high-potential gems: Identify low-competition keywords with high search volume, hidden opportunities for your own listings.

Optimize your keyword strategy:

  • Refine your target keywords: Choose the best keywords for your product based on competitor insights and market data.
  • Build powerful keyword lists: Compile comprehensive lists of relevant keywords for optimized listings and PPC campaigns.
  • Stay ahead of the curve: Monitor competitor keyword changes and adapt your strategy to maintain a competitive edge.


It’s all FREE– Instant Keyword Research for Amazon is included in all SEMRush accounts, free or paid. No hidden fees, just pure keyword insight.

Go beyond the basics – Upgrade to a paid SEMRush plan for even more powerful features like:

  • Keyword difficulty and CPC data: Hone your PPC campaigns with precise cost estimates.
  • Detailed competitor analysis: Dive deeper into competitor listings and strategies.
  • Historical keyword trends: Track keyword performance over time for informed decisions.


Main functionalities:

  • Competitor Keyword Spy: See your competitor’s exact bids and ranks for specific keywords. Track changes and monitor trends.
  • Keyword Guardian: Discover valuable keywords from high-performing competitors. Get instant competitor keyword analysis.
  • Bid Nailer: Optimize your bids based on competitor data and target ACOS or profit margin. Set automated bid adjustments.
  • Market Intelligence: Analyze broader market trends across various Amazon categories. Track top brands and products.

Additional features:

  • Competitor Product Research: Analyze competitor listings, compare prices and reviews, identify potential opportunities.
  • Negative Keyword List Management: Automatically add competitor-irrelevant keywords to your negative keyword list.
  • Campaign Performance Comparison: Benchmark your PPC campaigns against your competitors.
  • Alerts and Notifications: Get notified about competitor price changes, new product launches, and keyword ranking shifts.
  • Automated Bidding Rules: Set customizable rules for bid adjustments based on competitor data and campaign performance.

Zon.Tools Pricing strategy

Here’s the breakdown:

1. Freemium Plan:

  • Cost: Free
  • Features:
    • Limited access to competitor keyword and bid data
    • Basic keyword research
    • Product research tools

2. Paid Plans:

  • Analyzer: $9 per month
  • Masterer: $19 per month
  • Dominator: $25 per month

The above-mentioned features apply to all paid plans (Analyzer, Masterer, Dominator) with increasing access and capabilities as you move up the tiers. Here’s a quick comparison of access levels across plans:

The 5 powerful tools we’ve explored help lift the veil off the strategies of your competition, empower you with data-driven insights, and automate tedious tasks, freeing you to focus on what truly matters: creating captivating product listings and crafting compelling campaigns. Take charge of your Amazon journey, embrace the power of data-driven competition, and watch your brand rise to the top of the search results.

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