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If you run Google Ads for your Amazon listed products, then Amazon Attribution is a familiar term for your business. Attribution is the technique of determining the source directing traffic to your Amazon product listing for those who are not familiar with it. It assists in evaluating cross-channel performance. It not only aids in allocating sales to the appropriate source but also aids in locating the source that is influencing sales.

Amazon marketers could previously trace data back to their Google Ads account at the GCLID (Google Click ID) level. However, support for GCLID or any other similar Unique Click ID has since been discontinued. Although marketers can analyze sales at the campaign and ad group level, it is challenging to trace and connect keyword-level details to the click received.

Campaign and ad group association might help you identify where your efforts are paying off. But figuring out the keywords that are driving the sales is just as crucial. The keyword is key to displaying your ad to your prospective customers, which eventually leads to a successful transaction. If known, then advertisers can shift their focus on the keywords driving sales by increasing their bids and more. If you have multiple keywords and want to identify the keyword that is the source of the sales, then you won’t be able to track that just with Amazon’s Attribution feature.

We can help with that!

Today, we announce Karooya’s tools for Amazon Attribution. This solution has already been in use with some of our early customers.

Get Keyword Level Assistance With Karooya’s Amazon Attribution Feature

Our tool will help advertisers find out keywords that are performing well and driving sales. So all your keyword-level insights will be within easy reach for you.

1. Keyword Level Tracking

With Karooya’s Google Ads and Amazon Attribution integration feature, we can assist with keyword-level analysis. Advertisers can track sales down to the keyword level. It can give them a deeper insight into how well their Google Ads campaigns are doing. Marketers can also find the performance of keywords to help in making key decisions around improving campaigns. We have backed it up with some additional features to make it easier for advertisers to make swift decisions.

2. Keyword Label Assistance

We create labels and assign them to keywords based on ROAS. You can utilize these labels to decide whether to increase or decrease the bids of a keyword on the Google Ads UI. For example, you could decide on increasing the CPC by 10% if the ROAS>200%. If you decide to increase the bid by 10% above what you were previously bidding, it would mean that a 1$ bid will now become 1.10$.

3. Automated Portfolio Bidding Solution

Portfolio bidding is a goal-driven bidding strategy where the advertiser specifies the goal and the bids are automatically optimized to improve the chances of attaining the goal set. For taking keyword bid decisions, portfolio bidding is better than rule-based bidding as rule-based bidding can work only if there is sufficient data available.

So we use the portfolio bidding strategy to make bid changes in accordance with the campaign’s goal. If you have defined a specific ROAS/ ACOS goal, then we will suggest bid adjustments based on which keywords are doing well. We will refer to the historical keyword data such as the clicks/ impressions/ spend etc., to make any adjustments in bidding.

If a keyword doesn’t have substantial data to make decisions on, then we use the data from the portfolio to help with making individual bid decisions. Based on the performance of the portfolio, it is decided whether the bid should be raised or lowered. It is possible to manually or automatically enable this feature.

So what’s next?

To get started, sign up with either your Google Ads or Amazon Ads account. Go to settings and link it to the other platform (if you have signed up using your Google Ads account then in the 2nd step you link it to the Amazon Ads account and vice versa). Send us an email and we will provide you with the next steps to set it up

Contact us at for further details as you begin attributing your Google Ads keywords to your Amazon products.

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