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Listing your products on Amazon is a great way to start getting your product noticed. In the long run, sellers must try to promote their goods to outperform the competition and improve their chances of making sales.

Advertising on Amazon might seem like the most viable option and to some extent it is. But extending it to Google will double the chance of driving traffic for the following reasons:

It all starts with Google

Typically Google is the starting point for any search. So having your ads run for your Amazon-listed product is a win-win game. If a user searches for your product (not necessarily your brand), you will get the first mover advantage by displaying the USP of your product.

Promote your offer

With the text ads, you can highlight an upcoming promotion offer or discount or a festive deal that you are running. You can include ad customizers to customize your ads based on device, date and time, location, etc. (pic below)

Bidding on your brand

The competitiveness on Amazon might be making your brand or products go unnoticed. You can beat that by bidding on branded terms on Google Ads. For instance, if a user searches for your brand on Google, after having come across your products on Amazon. You wouldn’t want to miss out on the user search just because you aren’t running ads on Google

Capture top of the funnel searches

Google may help you add a lot of top-of-the-funnel traffic since before customers decide which product to buy, they typically conduct a general search on Google. You will be able to influence consumers through the sales funnel and aid in their choice to buy even if you are not successful in making a sale by displaying your ads

Add additional information with Ad Extensions

With the use of Ad Extensions, you can highlight specific features of your product, add reviews, add sitelinks to other bestseller products, and more. With this, you can add additional information that you couldn’t otherwise mention in a Sponsored Product Ad on Amazon’s platform

Target geographically

You can target specific geographies, a feature that is yet not available on Amazon. A targeted approach to reach your audience can help drive all focus to regions where your audience is or where you want to build your audience

Tap competitor searches

You can run ads targeting competitor search terms that they would be targeting (there are some free tools to help you find that). Just be cautious not to use the brand name in your ad copy. Instead consider using ‘competitor’ alternatives as the target keyword for your campaign

Once you kickstart your Google Ads campaign for Amazon Products, you would want to attribute the sales from Google Ads to Amazon Ads. This will enable you to attribute sales to its source, and to comprehend the success rates of the many platforms you undoubtedly invested in.

But recently, due to certain changes with Amazon Attribution, it is no longer possible to get sales data. We have a solution available to track sales at the keyword level to get a finer understanding of the performance of your Google Ads campaigns. Please reach out to for more information.

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