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Listing your products on Amazon might be a good start. Over time, you would want to see a rise in the number of visits to your product listing page over time. One of the most efficient ways to market your products is through Google Ads.

There is a wealth of information available on how businesses may use Google Ads to promote their products. In this article, we’ll discuss how to enhance your advertising for better performance and outcomes.

Improve Your Amazon Product Listing Performance

Here are some of the ways Google Ads may help you improve the performance of your products listed on Amazon platform:

Use All Applicable Ad Extensions

Advertisers can associate multiple extensions with their ads. Using ad extensions helps capture some of the missed information that could not be included in the ad copy. Ad extensions improve the quality of an ad, making it more likely to be noticed and clicked.

Targeting By Location

Advertisers may use Google Ads to target certain geographic areas where the majority of responses are coming from. It aids in the development of a targeted targeting strategy and increases the likelihood of a conversion action.

Set Up Ad Schedules For Your Ads

Advertisers may schedule their advertising for the most productive day of the week or time of day using ad scheduling. This will help you channel your spending and get results at the most advantageous time.

Choice Of Campaign Types

You have the option of selecting from a variety of campaign types. This provides advertisers with a diverse audience to target. With a larger customer base, you can reach out to more people and get more replies.

Layer Audience Targeting Options

With display campaigns, you can target your audience basis demographics, interests, and more. With such a wide range of targeting options, you can reach your precise audience. A search campaign allows you to capture the audience on the search network. The reach is huge and increases the chances of tapping your customer wherever they are moving.

Using Appropriate Keyword Match Types

If you want to avoid any unwanted clicks and focus on interested audience, consider using Phrase & Exact match type for your campaign. This will drive relevant clicks to your product page.

Remarket To Ensure Brand Recall

In Google Ads, the remarketing feature helps reach customers who clicked your ad but did not complete the purchase. Remarketing audiences have a better conversion rate, you may design a more targeted strategy with them.

Use Automated Bidding For A Little Help

With automated bidding you can be rest assured that Google will try to help you meet your performance goals within your limitations. We suggest using Target CPA & Target ROAS to drive the most conversions from your spend.

Control Wasted Ad Spend With Negative Keywords

The increased reach of Google Ads is the reason why negative keywords are becoming increasingly essential. Using negative keywords reduces any wasted ad spend and improves your ad’s performance. You could use our Negative Keywords Tool to help automate this task. 

Karooya’s Automation Tools for Amazon Ads

We have built some exciting features for Amazon advertisers to help improve their Amazon Ads performance. Read our detailed post about all these exquisite features here.

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