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Search engine marketers argue that broad match keywords have become epic and consider it the mark of an un-optimized account. Such a theory has made Susan Waldes voice out her opinion and advocate the importance of Broad Match Type keywords. In her article, she drives her focus on why broad match keywords are important in giving your SEM account a boost.

In support of Broad Match keywords she commented:

If you aren’t using broad match, I encourage you to consider it in 2015. If you are using broad match in the right accounts, in the right way, you don’t need any convincing — the performance speaks for itself.

For accounts relying heavily on exact match keywords, the bad news is that the competitor bidding on the same exact match term has increased, as a result of which the CPC has shot up. Though broad match are, instead, affordable they also open your ad to multiple auctions. Hence serving dual purpose, sustaining the cost and leveraging acquisition. The decision is for the marketer to make, strategize or follow the herd!

Further Susan emphasizes on the underlying fact that broad match type keywords help expand the business. Marketers not only find new keyword ideas but also find keywords that are completely irrelevant to their business. And with right negative keywords, their campaigns can soak up the new relevant traffic.That’s much of a benefit.

Adding on, she says that long tail keywords are back in the game. So, if marketers don’t add broad match keywords, they are bound to miss all those long tail search queries that have not yet been captured by auto-correct or a keyword recommendation tool.

She concludes:

If you expand your use of broad match, make sure you are prepared to check your search term reporting (queries) quickly and frequently.

And suggests to pin the following as important:

The ability to get those negative keywords needs in “much closer” to real time is another reason why 2015 is the year you should be bringing broad match back.

Hail broad match keywords Hail Negative Keywords!

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