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As a marketer you barely managed to get a hang of Positive Keywords, when you realize the key role Negative Keywords play. You start juggling with your ‘Campaign’ settings and struggle with where to apply it. Brad Geddes, Founder of Certified Knowledge covers all the aspects of negative keywords and search query, in this free educational video. Take a step forward in becoming a pro by watching this video published on Market Motive.

You can watch this video here

Here are the key things you will learn:

  • How negative keywords impact your business
  • List of keyword match types and their definitions
  • How and when to use campaign or ad group level negatives
  • Examining search query data to find negative keywords
  • How to organize your match types for small and large accounts
  • Analyzing negative keywords to check its impact on other ad groups

It gets difficult to identify negative keywords for large accounts or multiple client accounts can be tedious if done manually. An automated negative keywords discovery tool can save tons of time and effort for the PPC Manager. Not to mention, this will also save the wasted ad spend on AdWords. Give our negative keywords tool a try.

Note: Now, our Negative Keywords Tool is Free for accounts with ad spend less than $10,000 per month. Save 10-20% of your search ad spend for free.


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