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Identifying your negative keywords is just as crucial as figuring out your positive ones. Negative keywords help you to save money by cutting down wasted time and money.

Like a filtering tool, negative keywords let you filter out keywords unrelated to your digital marketing strategy. You can add a single word or phrase as a negative term to have much more flexibility depending on what you wish to block.

A few years ago, we developed a negative keywords quiz. It allowed us to gauge how well people knew and understood negative keywords. Looking into the comments and drawing conclusions from them seemed like a wonderful idea. Here is what we have found.

Post Analyzing The Negative Keywords Quiz

Here is our outcome after users completed the quiz:

  • 69% of users who attempted the quiz weren’t aware that their ad might still show when someone searches for a phrase that’s longer than 16 words, and your negative keyword follows that 16th word. Let’s say that your negative keyword is the word “chair“. Someone searches for “Shop online or at the store to get a flat 50% discount on a wooden chair for your home” and “Shop online or at the store to get a flat 50% discount on a Teak wood chair for your home”. This will be the result
Negative keywords quiz
  • Understanding the exact match keyword was better for the majority of the users who attempted the quiz
  • Close variants don’t apply for negative keyword match types. In one of such questions, about 39% of the users who attempted the quiz, missed that the ad will still show if the search query is in a different form than the bidded keyword (singular or plural).
Close variant negative keyword quiz
  • In another such question where the search query was a synonym of the bidded keyword, 87% successfully answered that their ad would not get blocked for a synonym of the keyword (which is also a close variant)
  • About 35% of users missed that all terms in a broad match type keyword must necessarily be present in the search query. For example, if the keyword “Wooden Chair” is used as a broad match, Your ad would be eligible to show up when a user’s search query includes the words Wooden and Chair, in any sequence, and perhaps with other terms.
Wooden chair broad match negative keyword quiz.

If you haven’t tried our quiz yet, click here to do so.

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