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N-gram is a familiar term for the one’s tackling large scale data. In this post, we address how n-grams plays an important role in your PPC search terms data too.

What is N-grams?

N-grams are basically phrases or multi-phrase terms that follow a sequence and appear on your search terms data. So a one-word term becomes 1-gram, 2 phrase term becomes 2-grams and so on.

For e.g., “Save Wasted Ad Spend” has:

  • 1-gram – save | wasted | ad | spend
  • 2-gram – save wasted | wasted ad | ad spend
  • 3-gram – save wasted ad | wasted ad spend
  • and more

N-gram in Paid Search

In PPC, through n-gram it is easier to break down large volume of data into segments or themes which can give insights into your search terms data. It can help declutter your data and make analysis more reformed. This analysis can help you identify potential search terms as well as terms that aren’t contributing in your PPC account performance.

We at Karooya, use the n-gram methodology for our Negative Keywords Tool. Our tool compares the performances of the search terms containing the n-grams, using conservative methods. It further filters the poor performing terms that are wasting a major chunk of your PPC ad budget.

n-gram karooya negative keyword tool

N-grams & Close Variants

Most n-grams solutions will offer details of a term but not its close variants. Our Negative Keywords Tool is uniquely capable to offer this solution. We track the close variants of the n-grams along with their key performance metrics, basis which you can take conclusive decisions. This feature is available for all European languages.

For e.g., in the snapshot below, the 2-gram listed term has the word ‘nurse‘. Our tool will also pick up the terms with the variations of the word ‘nurse‘ such as ‘nurses‘, ‘nursing‘ etc.

negative keyword close variant karooya negative keywords tool

So with just a click you not only add the n-gram but also its close variants. Hence, the time that you might end up spending in figuring out which close variants you should also add, is saved big time!

Using n-grams, we simplify the tedious task of digging into large volumes of data. We consolidate the n-gram and its close variants at one place for easy review and analysis.

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