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Here is a quick recap of top PPC posts that were trending in the month of February. Announcement of new Shopping functionalities in Microsoft Ads, Announcement of two new features by Quora: Advanced Match and Conversions Windows, Google Ads released v3_0 of the Google Ads API beta, More relevant ads with IF functions in Microsoft Advertising and more.


Explore new Product Group capabilities for Shopping Campaigns – To save time while managing your Shopping Campaigns and to give you enhanced visibility into account performance, Microsoft Ads has announced new Shopping Campaign functionalities. Learn more about this announcement here.


Gmail on standard Shopping campaigns – Shopping ads (both Product Shopping ads and Showcase Shopping ads) that target the Google Display Network will be eligible to appear on Gmail in addition to YouTube and Google Discover from March 4th, 2020. Get more insight here.


Making it easier to see how campaign changes impact ads performance in Google Ads – To help you understand the impact of your campaign changes, Google Ads has made it easier to view changes annotated in your performance charts.


Better Measure and Attribute Conversions with Advanced Match and Conversion Windows – Quora announces two new features to help you measure and attribute conversions: Advanced Match and Conversions Windows. Learn more about these two features in this informative blog post.


Easily share remarketing lists across your manager and sub-accounts – Google Ads now enables continuous audience sharing in your manager accounts to make it easier to quickly share your audience lists.


Announcing v202002 of the Google Ad Manager API – Google Ads announces the availability of v202002 of the Google Ad Manager API  which includes several new features around video ads.API.


Deliver more relevant ads with IF functions – Optimizing ad copy is an essential part of a successful campaign. To give advertisers an easy way to tailor their ad copy for different devices and audiences, Microsoft Advertising has announced the global availability of IF functions. More insight into this blog post.


More Ways LinkedIn Can Help You Find the Audiences to Grow Your Business – The goal of any B2B marketing campaign is to reach the right audience.LinkedIn has been busy working on the same line. Learn some latest advances to keep track of it in this blog post.


Ad Export Feature Added to the ETA Preview Tool – ETA Preview Tool has been updated with “Export Feature” for quick upload on your Google Ads Account. Get more insight here.


Announcing v3_0 of the Google Ads API beta – Google ad has announced the v3_0 release of the Google Ads API beta on February 27th. Learn more about this release in this brief blog post.



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