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Missed out on the crucial changes and announcements from the leading PPC platforms? This is a brief summary of what was popular in the month of February. The roundup for this month is intended to provide you with some useful information.

What’s new in Performance Max campaigns:- Google is adding more features to Performance Max which can help to optimize your campaigns. These features are: optimize results from search inventory, account level negative keywords, Measure incremental conversion uplift with experiments and more.

performance max

Unlock the power of your Search ads with new tools:-Search Ads are a way to connect people with their desired business. New tools such as automatically created assets which is in beta right now and new customer acquisition goal give more power to search ads and make them more relevant and helpful.

Google ads search ads new tools

Own big moments with your ad on YouTube’s homepage:- A Cost per hour masthead has recently been introduced by Google on YouTube. With this unique method of purchasing YouTube’s most noticeable placement, you have exclusive control of the Masthead both during and after priority moments as well as those that lead to the priority moments.

Chrome FLEDGE Update Provides Hope For PPC & SEOs:- Google’s privacy sandbox contains a series of proposals to satisfy the needs of consumers and one of the proposals is “FLEDGE“. In the latest update, Google provided specific features and their timelines for testing availability:

  • Event-level auction win reporting– available for testing now and supported through at least 2026
  • Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) usage for Key/Value service– This is available for testing now and will be required no sooner than Q3 2025.
  • Fenced frames– This is available for testing now and will be required no sooner than 2026.
  • K-anonymity– This will be available for testing later in Q3 2023
  • Improved FLEDGE + Attribution Reporting integration– This will be available for testing in Q2 2023
  • Bidding and Auction services– This is targeted for testing in H2 2023

Omnichannel Metrics integrates with automated budget optimization in Amazon DSP (beta):-Omnichannel metrics is beneficial for advertisers who opted for budget optimization. It helps to shift the budget automatically between line items based on omnichannel performance and helps to optimize the overall outcome of the campaign. Currently, this feature is in beta and only available for advertisers in the USA.

Re-create Sponsored Display campaigns using the new campaign copy:- Using the new campaign copy, we can re-create Sponsored Display campaigns using a single click in the Amazon Ads console using either audiences or contextual targeting.

new campaign copy feature in Amazon ads

Changes to Google Ads location targeting settings:- Starting in March 2023, Google is introducing changes to location targeting across all campaign types. Search interest targeting and presence or interest will no longer be available in google ads. These changes will simplify the location targeting portfolio and improve ad performance. You can gain more information about this change in Search enginejournal article.

Increasing Our Ads Transparency:-Meta has made improvements to the “Why am I seeing this ad?” tool to provide more transparency about how one’s activity helps the AI model to shape and deliver ads he sees.

Microsoft Advertising unveils Lodging solutions, and adds 11 new Google import markets for Smart campaigns:- Microsoft has announced two new updates for advertisers who use smart campaigns. These updates include the availability of Google import in 11 new markets and expanded lodging solutions offerings. These two additions will help marketers to access a wider audience which can lead to increased visibility and potential conversions.

Feed requirements in Microsoft ads

Market expansion and other product updates for February:-Apart from expanding the advertising to 34 countries, Microsoft has announced a few more updates which include automated bidding and last touch attribution on the Microsoft audience network, Data exclusion for automated bidding, new in-market segments and more.

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