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Negative keywords are often necessary for paid search campaigns. But what if you have a large number of campaigns? You might see an increase in negative keyword count too. You might also see that some of these negative keywords are common across multiple campaigns. That’s when a negative keyword list can help you.

Negative keyword lists in Amazon Ads

What a Negative Keywords List Is For

The simple objective of a negative keyword list is to isolate terms that are harmful but frequently used across many campaigns. By compiling a list of common negative keywords, advertisers can save the hassle of manually including them in each campaign.

Although this feature has been available on Google Ads and Bing Ads ever since they started, it is not yet available on Amazon Ads.

Understanding the importance of lists and the purpose it serves of saving time, we at Karooya have built a ‘Shared Negative Keyword List’ for Amazon Ads. Here’s how you can use the shared negative keyword list feature with Karooya.

Get Started With Few Of The Negative Keyword List

Here are some of the negative keywords list, that you can get started with Amazon Ads.

Note: As Amazon does not give the option to create these lists, sign up with us now and get started with Negative Keywords List in Amazon Ads.

Unrelated Product Terms

There will be some terms associated with your product, but you don’t want your product to show up for these terms. For example, while terms like “shoe polish,” “shoelaces” and “shoe brushes” are associated with your product, “leather shoe” it is possible that you do not want to make your product visible for each of these search terms, and they may be included in the same list.

Competitor Brand

As a niche brand, you might not want to promote competitors that target a broad audience with their ads. In this situation, you should choose not to engage in any searches that are relevant to your competitors.

Overspending But No Conversions

You might be using some keywords which are heavy on your pocket but giving no conversions. Mentioning them in a negative keyword list would help you to reduce wasted ad spend.

High Click But No Conversions

At times, people tend to click on an ad thinking that this is quite relevant to what they are looking for but later realise that it is not. This way, advertisers do attract new customers but fail to contribute to a sale. You need to look for these keywords in your search term report and put them in the negative keyword list.

Terms You Do Not Wish to Associate With

You might choose to avoid using a particular term to describe your brand or product. Some frequent terms for which you might wish to avoid showing your ad include cheap, free, discount, etc.

Seasonal Products

Seasonal products perform well during particular seasons. For instance, you are a brand that sells Raincoats for Men, Women and Children. It is obvious that during Monsoon, your product will perform well.

You also would be selling some other stuff which might underperform during monsoon. You can create a negative keyword list for these products and make them active when they do not perform well and make them inactive once the situation has changed.

Manage And Expand Your Ad Campaigns With Karooya

Karooya’s Negative Keyword tool for Amazon Ads provides negative keyword suggestions at the campaign and ad group levels. By adding Negative keywords and Negative product targets, you can block irrelevant and poorly performing traffic.

Note: Karooya’s negative keywords tool for Amazon Ads is a powerful tool that saves your ad budget and time. It is Free for accounts with a monthly spend of less than $3000Learn more and sign up today to improve your ACoS.

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