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Hello, esteemed PPC professionals! We are delighted to share the latest happenings in the PPC arena through this in-depth monthly compilation. Stay well-informed and ahead of the curve with these essential insights.

PPC Roundup

Amazon Ads and the Digital Markets Act:- Starting March 6, advertisers and publishers running campaigns in the European Union can utilize enhanced reports. These reports will offer comprehensive data on the fees paid by advertisers and received by publishers for advertisements displayed on third-party websites and applications.

Expanding the availability of Advantage detailed targeting:- Meta’s Advantage Detailed Targeting, part of the Advantage product suite, broadens campaign reach. Meta is making the Advantage Detailed Targeting available for all campaign objectives and optimizations. To incorporate this update, an adjustment to the code in Meta’s Marketing API is necessary, and the implementation of the new code is required by April 22, 2024.

LinkedIn to Sunset lookalike audiences:- As of February 29, LinkedIn will no longer support lookalike audiences. Therefore, advertisers need to adjust their audience targeting strategy before March, as creating new lookalike audiences or editing existing ones will no longer be possible.

Google rolls out new Performance Max guide and updates several others:- Google Ads has introduced a fresh “Getting Started” Performance Max guide, offering advertisers step-by-step instructions to create more impactful campaigns.

Boost your creativity and productivity with Retail Media Creative Studio powered by generative AI:-Microsoft Retail Media has adopted generative AI to generate novel opportunities for retailers, advertisers, and consumers. Utilizing generative AI, Microsoft can produce personalized and captivating content tailored for retailers, advertisers, and consumers.

LinkedIn ad prices surge as advertisers’ X boycott continues:- LinkedIn ad prices have soared and it was driven by the advertiser boycott of X. Reportedly, costs on this Microsoft-owned platform have surged by up to 30% in some cases. If you’re considering reallocating your ad budget from platforms like X in 2024, LinkedIn is a promising alternative to consider.

Put Google AI to work with Search ads:- Google is improving its use of Generative AI to connect with potential customers and boost ad performance. The advanced AI model, Gemini, is gradually expanding into Google Ads. Beta access for Gemini’s conversational experience is now open to English-language advertisers in the U.S. and U.K., and it will soon be available globally for all English-language advertisers.

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