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Here is a quick recap of top PPC posts that were trending in the month of November. Announcement from Amazon regarding TAG, Google Ads Editor v1.2, The New Merchant Center interface, Facebook’s announcement to replace several metrics, The launch of Nielsen TV Data in Reach Planner, New brand safety controls for advertisers and more.


Introducing new brand safety controls for advertisers –  To provide a safe environment to the advertisers, Facebook is sharing updates in three key areas with regards to their brand safety. Learn more about this announcement in this blog post.


Balance your spend across YouTube and TV with Reach Planner – To maximize the reach of a video-based media plan, YouTube is launching  Nielsen TV Data in Reach Planner which helps you to see how different distributions of spend on TV and YouTube can affect your reach.

Amazon Advertising awarded TAG Certified Against Fraud Seal – Announcement from Amazon regarding TAG which gives assurance to advertisers and agencies that their ad spend has industry-standard protection against invalid traffic (IVT) that has been independently audited to meet TAG guidelines.


Google Ads Editor v1.2: New campaign types and cross-account features – Announcement from Google regarding Google Ads Editor v1.2 which includes support for new campaign types and updates to multi-account management.


An update on our political ads policy – An update from Google with regards to handling political ads on their platforms globally to help promote confidence in digital political advertising.


Merchant Center upgrades to get your products in front of more holiday shoppers – Reach more holiday shoppers by showing your products globally with multi-country feeds and by submitting your products more quickly with automated feeds. The New Merchant Center interface can be used to easily manage your products.

A Weekly Checklist for Keeping Your LinkedIn Campaigns on Track – A brief post by Alex Rynne explaining the Objective-Based advertising checklist to help ensure your destination remains front-and-center with any planned advertising initiative.


Shaping ad experiences to an evolving YouTube viewership – YouTube is continuously working on ways to align YouTube media directly to marketing objectives, and delivering values. More insight in this blog post.


About metrics being removed – Facebook’s announcement to replace several metrics like Lead form metric, video metric with new ones to improve ads metrics offerings.


Placements reporting updates – Google has introduced updates in the Placements column in the Report Editor on the Display Network where your ad appears.


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