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This week’s PPCChat session was hosted by Julie F Bacchini. This session was an interesting one as PPCers expressed what their expectations are from specific PPC platforms like Google Ads, LinkedIn, Microsoft Advertising, etc in 2020,  What are they most concerned about in PPC in 2020 and more.


Q1: We are going to cover wishes by specific platforms, but if you had one overall wish for PPC in 2020, what would it be?


Lower CPCs across the board. @andreacruz92

Easier tracking/support for Data Studio. it’s free (price is right) but so hard when it comes to blended data. @JuliaVyse

For clients to finally understand the power of “branding” that lies within PPC. Yes, we need to track ROI but it should be a cost in and cost out mentality vs a silo. @KyleShurtz

Actual, real support for advertisers. We are paying customers and get less support than you get from your cable company… @NeptuneMoon

For my columns to be associated with my email address so I don’t have to add them to every account. Honestly, the first thing that came to mind. haha. @jord_stark

Getting real exact match back. @DavidKyle

I’ll defer to @amaliaefowler on this since we share the same wish. @CJSlattery

That platforms would value the role of the human as much as humans are beginning to value the role of automation. @PPCKirk

Better support. For Google Ads, I’ll venture to even say “support” – because what we have right now is some sort of sales hybrid. @amaliaefowler

Would be getting more insight into Smart Shopping and bringing back exact match. @zmste


Q2: What is your biggest wish (or wishes) for Google Ads in 2020?


Google Ads would value the role of the human as much as humans are beginning to value the role of automation. (My answer repetition is serious, not snark… well, some snark… but really!). @PPCKirk

Realistically, I wish for ad group budgets and actually getting data on RSA combos. @CJSlattery

In addition to @jord_stark first tweet, I would love to see even more visibility into Smart Shopping like @PPCKirk always is harping on. GIVE US THE DATA @KyleShurtz

The old UI back? no, okay, just an easier time with match types, and bid/budget estimates on shared budgets if you please. @JuliaVyse

I would love to see the matching nonsense rolled back if I’m wishing! Then I would echo the request for seeing data, even if we can’t modify it, having it is helpful inside and outside of G Ads. @NeptuneMoon

@GoogleAds reps are really pushing for YouTube (much less than display). They need to do a better job at proving how well it works @360vardi

Transparency about what bid modifiers are actually used in the algorithms for bidding strategies, so I don’t have to look at a chart to know what levers I can and can’t pull. If my bid adjustment isn’t taken into account, then don’t let me put it in. @jord_stark


Make @GoogleAds editor better. That right side pane is a pain @360vardi

An offline editor. Addressing/fixing their backend issues so the damn platform isn’t down when you need it. Actual support that is easy to access and helpful. @NeptuneMoon

Again, support! But that doesn’t surprise anybody @amaliaefowler


Q3: What is your biggest wish (or wishes) for Facebook Advertising in 2020?


Power Editor coming back. @DavidKyle

*cracks knuckles* -actual support beyond just a phone call -an offline editor for heaven’s sake -an end to the constant demand that we open all placements and run only reach campaigns. If you really wanted that, you wouldn’t make other types at all. @JuliaVyse

Is it bad to say be more like Google? Facebooks platform (although better than most) is honestly garbage. They don’t help us as advertisers at all. @KyleShurtz

Again with support although I expect less from them so I’m less passionate about it. My biggest wish is probably to stop flagging my ads that have no reason or need to be flagged… serving political ads but pausing my ads for a daycare. @amaliaefowler

1: I really hope that with CBO that it doesn’t kill interest audiences and we are stuck with going “broad and letting FB figure it out”. I do more with the interest audience data than just run FB ads…@NeptuneMoon

To have given us 6 months if no changes so they can take care of bugs. They feel a need to constantly tweak and adjust Ad Manager to the point of finding new little issues almost every week. I know a lot are saying support but since Q4 2019 I have huge improvements @zmste

Stop this CBO nonsense. it’s a great tool for certain campaigns and should not be mandatory for all campaigns @JuliaVyse

I would love it if @GoogleAds just said: you know what, no one can bid on company’s brand names anymore. Brand CPCs keep increasing, clients complain they have to pay for them. Let’s cut those out. @360vardi


Q4: What is your biggest wish (or wishes) for Microsoft Advertising in 2020?


Hey! I don’t need IOs. It’s auction-based. IOs for auction-based, evergreen campaigns are pretty stupid. Let me just confirm with a credit card or invoice based on the client. @JuliaVyse

To improve their automated bidding strategies. It does not compare to Google’s yet. @joshuadubs

Scare Google so bad by gaining so much search share that Google starts valuing agencies and humans again. Can you sense a recurring theme for me this week? Seriously though, this is a good case study of why true competition is good for a market. @PPCKirk

Smart Shopping would be great @KyleShurtz

Fully integrate LinkedIn advertising into their platform – have all LI targeting available from Microsoft and do LI ads via their platform. @NeptuneMoon

Fix please 1. their query to keyword match is a PROBLEM 2. Their automated bidding algo straight-up sucks 3. The network/search partners always a problem On the other hand, @MSFTAdvertising reps are 100% better than @GoogleAds reps. @360vardi

Focus on improving usability for newer advertisers. For as much as the new UI on Google Ads took a while to learn Microsoft could learn from their mistakes and update the look of the platform. @zmste

I’ll echo the responses on @LinkedInMktg – MSFT ads interface they are improving linkages between the two, but it may take rolling them into one huge UI in order to get mass adoption. @heyglenns

That ALL the LI targeting would be available in Microsoft Ads. @robert_brady


Q5: What is your biggest wish (wishes) for LinkedIn Advertising in 2020?


Lower CPCs. No need to be that expensive. You’re losing out to other more affordable platforms. @Mel66

That ALL the LI targeting would be available in Microsoft Ads. @robert_brady

Move targeting to Microsoft ads. @jord_stark

Loving the Microsoft/LinkedIn audience connections but we still see low volume a lot. Would love traffic and bid mod options to continue to expand on LI audiences for Bing Ads. @PPCKirk

MCC or other agency type account access. It’s WEIRD to be asking for personal access to pages and accounts per team member. @JuliaVyse

A less cumbersome interface & desktop editor @gregfinn

I will reiterate just rolling LI advertising into Microsoft Advertising already. That should lower the CPCs and get more advertisers in the game. Seems like a win/win? @NeptuneMoon

An offline editor would be great. @andreacruz92

Raise the reporting threshold so we can see better demographic reports. B2B is never going to have 200 leads. We need more resolution. @scottclark

Event targeting on LinkedIn would be awesome @andreacruz92

Offline editor tool and some sort of Ad Set separation so I don’t have to create 3 campaigns to test 3 audiences. @KyleShurtz

Linked always seems to roll out their features about 2-3 years late. And when they do, it seems like no one tested them to create campaigns in a normal workflow of a marketer. So they often have some tragic flaw. As an example… creating lead gen forms was terrible. @Wickerpedia

And then they tell us they are working on Messenger ads like anyone cares. FB has already ridden that wave and is putting it on the back burner and LinkedIn is like “Coming Soon!” Tragically slow & constantly being out-innovated by the old (FB) and the new (Snap). @Wickerpedia

A better way to manage access – adding users by LinkedIn profile is clumsy, confusing to clients, and feels unsafe. @cjsoldwisch


Q6: What is your biggest wish (or wishes) for other advertising platforms (Pinterest, Snapchat, Twitter, Quora, Amazon, etc.) in 2020?


Twitter, please add targeting options that make sense for B2B. We don’t care about targeting TV shows etc. Business categories would be better. @Mel66

Dynamic. Ad. Specs. Every time I propose one more platform it’s one more ad type/size, resolution we have to invest in. Can we just start with an IAB standard hero image, and YOUR platform can resize. I know it’s possible!!!! @JuliaVyse

Really wish that Twitter’s Geo-matching worked better. @gregfinn

My most familiar of the other platforms is Amazon as I run my own FBA business. Please, please, please Amazon give me better bid modifiers (similar to Google) and don’t force a trademark for Sponsored Brand ads. Let anyone use them to create brand awareness @KyleShurtz

Twitter Ads based on keywords you have on your bio would be cool @andreacruz92


Q7: What is your sleeper platform that you think will be more impactful in 2020?


It’s gotta be TikTok right? It’s definitely the fastest growing platform around. @CJSlattery

Snapchat. something big and unexpected is coming out of there. Quora and Pinterest of course, but Snap is recovering from a long slump. @JuliaVyse

Google ads Display is actually slaying for me right now. There are a lot of audience options now and it’s just a matter of finding the right one. Also, amazon @jord_stark

All I think about to answer this question is I’m getting too old to learn new platforms.  @amaliaefowler

I really hope that it is MSFT Advertising. With more remedial folks using the main Windows search bar, and others avoiding G with Duck Duck Go, adding LinkedIn data – I hope they keep innovating and not just copying G. @gregfinn

I think depending on the product or service I see Tik Tok and Snapchat and additional growth channels. @KyleShurtz

I’m going @MSFTAdvertising — they have an opportunity to double market share this year with the LI Integration. They’ve done a ton to improve the platform over the past year, and many of our clients have seen huge incremental growth from investments on the platform. @SamRuchlewicz

I think Twitch (video streaming) is going to be the dark horse this year. Amazon has proven they can quickly build an ads ecosystem and the video inventory in Twitch is gonna be gold. Add in some room for innovation w/ micropayments/bits and BOOM. @Wickerpedia


Q8: What are you most looking forward to in PPC in 2020?


2020 is going to be fun! I see more opportunities for platform testing, new betas and lots of additional competition. I see a bigger playing field this year and that is cool! @JuliaVyse

I’m looking forward to working with bigger clients and the continued overall growth in the industry. Also excited to see more niche platforms gain traction allowing us to diversify somewhat away from Google & Facebook @CJSlattery

I am looking forward to trying new platforms and figuring out ways to leverage learnings from one platform across to others. @NeptuneMoon

Learning from all of you! In particular diving into Shopping Ads and Analytics on a personal front. And watching how the legislators getting involved in the digital space impacts our abilities/careers/the platform. Also, if @GoogleAds support improves. @amaliaefowler

2020 may be the year I connect with @JuliaVyse in person.  @amaliaefowler

Innovation. There is a lot to complain about, but I love new testing. We had lots of fun things in 2019 – Pay for conversions, Audiences & combos in search – & more! Love to see what additional technology is coming. @gregfinn

Honestly, more fun projects + complicated problems. Emergence of more niche platforms. And more automation that frees up smart people to do more smart things that help our client’s bottom line and less button mashing. @SamRuchlewicz

I want to do more business around feed optimization and Google Shopping for ecomm. Feeds are the future. @FindingAmanda


Q9: What are you most concerned about in PPC in 2020?


More reckless automation rollouts, more stonewalling from the big platforms, less control over costs, and more giant data breaches. @JuliaVyse

Most concerned about the push towards automation reducing the potential ROI of online advertising with Google & Facebook trying to push out agency middlepeeps in order to squeeze more ad dollars out of the end advertisers. @CJSlattery

(lack of) support – that keywords will go away – legislators getting involved in the complicated digital space with no understanding – this idea that bidding on competition name is something that shouldn’t be allowed getting legs. @amaliaefowler

Attribution being more disparate than ever and cookie tracking is not helping either. @andreacruz92

More forced automation that doesn’t fit all situations (a lot of it is designed with the end advertiser being a gigantic eCommerce brand…). Tracking getting more difficult and its impact on remarketing, targeting, etc. General economic recession. @NeptuneMoon

What does a Google or Facebook breakup look like if the govt tries to intervene? Will we have to pay for Google Analytics? Will WhatsApp spin out to a separate ad platform? While good for innovation and marketers in the long term. Might be painful in the short term. @Wickerpedia

The cost of health insurance for the self-employed (aka me). @FindingAmanda


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