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Hosted by Julie F Bacchini, this week’s session has sought experts’ view on finding inspiration in PPC, what excites them the most in PPC, what are they struggling with in PPC right now, and more.

Q1: On a scale of 1 to 5, with one being completely not inspired and 5 being so inspired you can barely sleep, how inspired are you feeling in PPC these days?

5, some really interesting things that you can do with API’s and different ways to automate tasks. @PPCKenChang

I’m excited about the impact of the changes/confusion and opportunities that exist because of that, so I am proabably a 4. @jimbanks

Around a 2…I blame it on the cold. @JonKagan

I am at about a 3 currently. A nice solid so/so. Feel like I’m waiting for some “other shoes to drop” when it comes to iOS 14, GA4, more random acts of Google or FB, etc. Part of it may be due to this awful winter? And pandemic fatigue? @NeptuneMoon

2.5 – somewhat to blame on the cold I think. Hope to see it increase as we get into spring (assuming no more surprises from Google) @selley2134

In all honesty, I’d say we are at a 2. We are prepping everyone for major overhauls. @ynotweb

4 because my clients are doing amazing right now and it makes me strive for even better performance. Not a 5 because we have to put up with certain reps. @ValenciaSEM

About 4 – we are seeing some very interesting/successful results with our paid social. @TheMarketingAnu

4.5 – If PPC seems to be getting harder for us, professionals, then there are a lot of people out there who need our help. Although, most accounts I come across have the most fundamental problems. @yaelconsulting

I’m almost never lacking in inspiration, just lacking the budget to do all the things! @FindingAmanda

Probably around a 3.5, honestly? Pandemic fatigue is a thing, but that’s actually up from ~2.0-2.5 a few months ago so def heading in the right direction, thanks to some strategic changes we’ve decided on for 2021. @akaEmmaLouise

Can we assume ‘inspired’ and ‘challenged’ are synonymous? If so, I’d give myself a 5. Learning a lot. Diving deep into Google Shopping and the AMZ ecosystem lately. @timmhalloran

Q2: Does your level of current PPC inspiration vary by platform right now? If so, how?

For sure. We literally dropped half our small biz clients from Google Ads due to lack of transparency on search queries. We’re pivoting elsewhere with mixed results. @ynotweb

I’m annoyed with Facebook, OK with Google, happy with Microsoft Facebook dinged an account (first one in 4 years…due to AI) and reps been slow to respond Microsoft continue to impress me with their evolution/innovation. @jimbanks

Google is higher, it just has more elements and bells and whistle (and volume), to play with. Bing is good, but it lacks volume and bells and whistles, and easily falls behind on the inspiration side. @JonKagan

I’m feeling extra inspired by #LinkedInAds with all the cool possibilities for targeting by job title, company, etc. @FindingAmanda

Google Ads is wearing me out at the moment. Match type changes, lack of visible query data, ad “winners” being chosen essentially from go – it is on my nerves. @NeptuneMoon

Very Happy With Microsoft due to their API and transparency with us. Some of our automation broke jumping to Google Ads API 2, but we’ll manage. @PPCKenChang

Definitely. we aren’t doing much on Google Ads because current audience we are targeting isn’t on there. @TheMarketingAnu

*Level* of inspiration, not necessarily. I think that’s driven more by my overall mental state. But the type of inspiration, definitely. Working in finance (sensitive category for some platforms) means limitations in what’s possible—but that’s a fun puzzle to solve. @akaEmmaLouise

Inspiration definitely varies by platform, especially in the ones I’m still learning more about. Overall I would say they inspire me to try different approaches across platforms. @ValenciaSEM

Q3: What excites the most in PPC right now?

New rounds of innovation that I am convinced we’re on the cusp of due to all this updates Google/FB are making that we aren’t so sure of! @TheMarketingAnu

I’m getting pumped about using GA4 and some of the data handling capabilities. I’m hoping it translates to Google Ads success, but it’s not limited to that ad channel. @heyglenns

Trends in e-commerce. The silver lining of the pandemic has been success for small e-commerce clients & more attention/thought by consumers on where they are spending money. @selley2134

I am excited about the FUD that a lot of agencies are showing. It’s a competitive landscape and if they are doubtful, fearful or uncertain, they will make mistakes that we won’t. If they leave platforms because they can’t figure things out, that makes life easier. @jimbanks

Using data co-ops like Bombora to get that intent data then connecting that to LI Ads. It’s fun getting nice data from other sources since it can feel like all us paid marketers are having a bit of a drought in that department. @timmhalloran

We are entering into a major change period – and that is exciting, but to be honest, not as exciting as it would be to me if we were not in the middle of this pandemic. A lot of what has been successful historically is going to have to be rethought. @NeptuneMoon

Carousel ads on various platforms, LinkedIn targeting, and seeing results in social platforms. Gives us hope and diversification options from Google. @ynotweb

I’m getting really into the creative aspect again. Doing more than just analyzing data and pulling levers, but really putting on the “marketing cap” and thinking how PPC messaging fits into broader segmentation and channel positioning strategies. @akaEmmaLouise

I am still in love with the not so new demographic profiles I make for audience targeting. @JonKagan

Marketing automation possibilities: Google Data Studio feels like it’s a bit unfinished and has room to grow, and Google Ads editor has some nice updates and good to know that it’s being updated – plus APIs are better documented now and we can roll our own tools. @PPCKenChang

I’m not a proclaimed expert on this, btw. But I do like the challenge and purpose of having cohesive messaging across all platforms, while tailoring the specific creative to the intent of the platform you’re advertising on. @akaEmmaLouise

The thing that excites me most is same as its always been, performance. AB test wins, backend metrics integration, custom audiences, etc. Anything that leads to ‘wins’ is what drives me. @ValenciaSEM

Opportunities with YouTube ads + affiliate marketers/influencers are way underrated IMHO. @FindingAmanda

Training new team members on @GoogleAds Emphasizing importance of fundamentals, showing that most problems lead back to it…, regardless of how boring it may seem…. Seeing them grow in the process, is exciting! @yaelconsulting

Q4: What are you struggling with, as far as inspiration goes, in PPC right now?

Not so much a struggle, but every time I get excited about something in SEM, something happens and I am forced to divert, ie last week the match type change. @JonKagan

I’m honestly having a hard time finding motivation/emotional energy to dig into and care about the iOS updates and GA4 and all the new stuff that I know is approaching (or here) and needs to be addressed. Advice is welcome! @akaEmmaLouise

Opportunities with YouTube ads + affiliate marketers/influencers are way underrated IMHO. @FindingAmanda

I struggle with Dunning-Kruger PPC experts over on Clubhouse in big rooms talking shite (mostly paid social…). I want to put my hand up to call them out, but resist, I don’t want to be “that guy” @jimbanks

Our team is fatigued with watering-down of all things keyword/query related. Once the cornerstone of PPC, now it’s just something we grumble about, tbh. @heyglenns

I agree with @jimbanks that retargeting is in for a major shake up and I’m trying to think proactively about that now. The query data is Google Ads is a major issue that I’ve not found a solid way around or through either. @NeptuneMoon

Lacking inspiration around Google’s new features. Feels like every time they release a new beta or ad type it hampers data & creativity. I used to get really excited about these. @selley2134

Sometimes paid marketing can feel like you’re a boat out at sea caught in a storm trying to get to land but the wind direction keeps changing. Loss of data, constant changes across multiple channels, bad PR, new regulation, just feels like u can’t keep up sometimes. @timmhalloran

Trust in previous “go to” options. Responsibility is weighing heavy for clients who’s industries suffered last year. Hard to celebrate the wins of the clients thriving when there are others that can’t waste a penny. @ynotweb

The direction search is heading. It’s hard not to be so doom & gloom about it. @ValenciaSEM

As we continue to invest in technology and processes to improve our performance, there is that subtle dark feeling that @GoogleAds may make parts of it obsolete. As much as I try to ignore the feeling, it still seems to be a matter of when vs if… so that sucks. @yaelconsulting

Slightly different perspective as a marketer for a product that PPC practitioners use: Volatility. How can we best serve the community? What can we create that will be of value? How can we inspire, motivate, and educate? @TheCopyTrail

Q5: When your inspiration is faltering, what do you usually do to try to kick start it?

I used to take myself to a different location, now due to lockdown I go for a walk, but it’s important to hit the pause button, think through the issue and on occasion I’ll mindmap my thoughts I love Notability and Good Notes to take freehand notes on my iPad. @jimbanks

When my inspiration falters, sleeping on it usually helps tremendously. Cardio also helps but that’s the more painful option. @FindingAmanda

The Facebook Ad Library tool is a good place to poke around if you’re feeling a bit blah about FB ads. You can find great ones and ones that make you feel better about your efforts even if you’re not feeling like yours are particularly awesome at the moment! @NeptuneMoon

Take a break – try and do something active (another reason the cold has been frustrating this last week). Get away from the screen. @selley2134

Try something completely new. Since our frustrations are revolve around previous “go to” strategies faltering, we have no preconceived expectations on something completely new to us. So those wins feel bigger, plus we have expanded ourselves in the meantime. @ynotweb

Movement: walking around & biking. @PPCKenChang

Look at other channels (tv, mail flyers, podcast, magazines, etc) and think of their target audience and the messaging they’re using. @ValenciaSEM

Finding the right playlist is a crucial first step for me. Familiar enough that my brain can tune out the lyrics (if any) but engaging enough that it injects energy rather than siphoning it (and I don’t get bored/distracted by phone). A difficult balance these days. @akaEmmaLouise

Getting out of the house, working at the office (if you can), drinking lots of cold brew coffee, headphones + Spotify, standing in a sunray with my head aimed at the sun with my eyes closed till it feels like I’m getting burned a little. @timmhalloran

I’ve also been trying to adopt the motto “do more of what you love.” So I start with the parts of my to-do list I’m excited about rather than starting with the unexciting things just because I know they’re important. Doing what I like gives me energy for the other. @akaEmmaLouise

Faltering inspiration is infectious, especially as a leader… If I feel this way, then the team probably does as well. We have a team meeting, open up about how things are going, acknowledge the lull, then figure the way back up as a team. @yaelconsulting

Take a break from it or get someone else to look at the problem for me. Another person auditing my work doesn’t cause fear…i find it extremely useful. But i’ve seen that not many people take that attitude! @TheMarketingAnu

I like to do a chalktalk with my team periodically, see if that spurns new ideas. @JonKagan

Q6: Have you seen any campaigns (or done any yourself!) lately that you thought were really amazing or cool or inspiring or idea-sparking?

Tested Connected TV with a dedicated phone number to track performance has been doing a lot better than what we expected. @ValenciaSEM

We’re doing an audience segmentation for new to brand first time exposure to YouTube ads, to see if it drives interest down funnel. @JonKagan

The concept of casting a really wide net initially and then narrowing in on top performing targeting paid off big time for one client recently. Sometimes you just got to go for it. @BrettBodofsky

Recently had to rework an account & shopping campaigns after some website changes. Nothing crazy but enjoyed getting into the data, restructuring, & watching results. Sometimes that simple process can inspire me & remind me why I chose ppc to begin with. @selley2134

My ad consumption is way down lately. I barely go on FB for personal use any more. We watch a few things that have commercials in them on TV, but stream most stuff. The ads I see on Twitter are either bad or should not be targeting me! @NeptuneMoon

Lead forms in LinkedIn and via Google Ads extensions have been performing well for me lately. @FindingAmanda

Yes, a campaign that friend designed that used remarketing to serve up a customized ad. @PPCKenChang

We’ve been testing Lead Gen forms on LinkedIn for the first time. Campaigns (geo-based) are hit-or-miss so far but I’m excited at the interaction rates we’ve seen. Time will tell on lead quality… fingers crossed! @akaEmmaLouise

Q7: Are there any resources you use (could be non PPC too) when you feel your PPC inspiration faltering?

Reaching out to industry friends if I am feeling stuck has been really helpful for me. This community has a way of inspiring as well. You never know when you’ll see someone share something here that will spark an idea! Reading for fun too. @NeptuneMoon

Read more about the industry I’m working on. Look at competitor reviews, look at how affiliates work in the space. Focus on understanding what the target audience wants and needs. @ValenciaSEM

We pivot to something else. I have found its unproductive to force creativity or strategizing when someone is in an implementation mode. Being able to shift to SEO or CRO helps to keep the wheels moving in a positive direction, leading to more insight overall. @ynotweb

I know I say it every chance I’ve got but it’ll never get old – this #ppcchat community are my greatest resource & inspiration! Not just from the massive knowledge & intellect we collectively hold but the generosity you have with the knowledge & cheerleading. @TheMarketingAnu

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