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Hosted by Duane Brown, this week’s PPCChat session was focused on clients view on advertising on platforms other than Facebook and Google, What is the biggest objection experts have to face while proposing other networks, Which network do they find to be great for a certain demographic or industry and more.

Q1. What is something amazing that has happened to you in July?

Probably the best thing was launching a branding campaign across multiple video & pre-roll properties that really got me out of my “set bid” comfort zone. @ferkungamaboobo

I took a week’s vacation to hangout in the wilderness and it honestly has been such a blessing for my productivity. I also saved a client relationship by completely turning around their lead production. @Mark_from_MKTG

Love this great, fun question. I got to spend a bunch of weekends with close friends hanging out outside! It felt normal and wonderful. @CJSlattery

Got into road bike riding for the first time, and found an immediate (and surprising) love for it. @PPCKirk

What a great question! We booked a few Fall campaigns, sending out confirmations and budget increases vs cancellations was really nice. and I took a picture of a comet! @JuliaVyse

Had my heart surgery and already feeling great again enough to play some basketball, bike, kayak etc… @lchasse

My A1 amazing thing for July was just the opportunity to get in some quiet nature time. Also, celebrated 3 year wedding anniversary. @ynotweb

Brought home a new puppy. @JonKagan

Q2: What percentage of your accounts are comprised of advertising on Google, Facebook or Instagram currently?

FB not so much because of that whole thing. But looking at a whole year perspective, I worry about overinvestment in just two major platforms. Lots of Google, Lots of big blue. @JuliaVyse

98% or so. Have a tiny bit of LinkedIn sprinkled in. I’ve been trying to get some clients to bite on Snap, Pinterest, or TikTok but no bites so far. @CJSlattery

100% of my accounts are on Google. I actually have no accounts on FB or IG at the moment, but it would normally be 25% (we’re living in weird times after all). @Mark_from_MKTG

No Instagram currently. Out of our clients with ads, 80% Google, 20% Facebook. @AllisonMiriani

We have never done the math as we don’t think ad spend under management means as much. Why we also don’t put it in our Twitter bio. I would say 90% goes those the Google & Facebook family of apps. @duanebrown

100% of my accounts are on Google and Microsoft currently. A little over half are on FB/Instagram. I have a good number on Amazon as well. @lchasse

90%. @JonKagan

I’d say that 65% of my accounts are on both Google and Facebook Ads. The other 35% are just Facebook. @DenneyDara

We’re Paid Search only, so avoid that pesky Social stuff! Seriously though, always interested to learn, so lurking today. @PPCKirk

I’d say we are at about 85% on those platforms- we also run a good percent on MS platforms and we are trying to get a few clients to diversify to some platforms with a B2B focus. @ynotweb

(catching up!) – varies between B2C and B2B but there’s a fair presence on GAds, FB, IG etc – and some LI too. Interesting to see some of these responses! @AzeemDigital

I would say that 60-70% of my budgets are split among Google, FB and IG. The rest is set aside for Snap ads, Roku ads, Billboards (I know-old school), direct buys, and localized tv ad buys. (Entertainment industry) @mackay0

If you include YouTube as part of Google (which I would)–100% between FB, IG, Google. However, we are always exploring different avenues to test with about 10% directed towards testing spend. @RyBen3

Q3: Are your clients open to or interested in advertising on other networks?

No one wants to be the first! LOL @ynotweb

Yes in theory, but in practice there’s a lot of hesitation on new platforms. I’m trying to use my 70-20-10 approach to keep ‘untested’ platforms brand safe. 1/2. @JuliaVyse

Clients SAY they’re open to other platforms, but I have found in practice not so much. It’s somewhat frustrating. I have a client whose target market is like 15-25 and I want to do Snap so badly. @CJSlattery

We’re getting a lot of hesitation for platforms like Snapchat or TikTok. Long education process for clients: they just think that these platforms are for dancing teens. @DenneyDara

What I can say is times when we’ve tested new platforms, once it works, we tend to fold it into the mix forever! 2/2. @JuliaVyse

Generally most of my clients love testing. That being said, many clients don’t want to test waters not proven by others in the industry yet. Currently a lot of companies do not have the testing budgets we had before 2020 decided to smack us around. @lchasse

Varies by client. Some have an inherent distrust of them, some say yes to everything. @JonKagan

Most clients are willing to try new things, assuming we have a good reason to do so; the frustration usually comes when they want to scale Bing or Snap to a FB/G level, which…isn’t always a viable option. Sometimes you need to make dinner out of appetizers. @DigitalSamIAm

I’m lucky that most of our clients trust our recs and we routinely advertise on other networks. As long as we explain the rationale and how they will drive conversions through the network, we usually get the green light to test it. @Mark_from_MKTG

The other thing is educating the client about the value of testing generally; getting brand-side marketers to think in financial + value terms is tough, but once you do, it makes your life so much better. @DigitalSamIAm

This year, I’ve tested Pinterest, AdRoll and looking into Snapchat/TikTok. Can’t be satisfied with 3 channels for advertising. Always great to diversify, especially if there is room for cheaper, qualified new customer acquisition. @RyBen3

I’ve been pushing a lot of direct relationships with sites and publishers. I’m so tired of the ecosystem on GDN being so low-quality. @ferkungamaboobo

Q4: What is the biggest objection you hear when you propose expanding to other networks? Does it vary by network?

*cracks knuckles* it’s a tie between: we tried it once and it didn’t work/we don’t think it will work/we and our kids aren’t on that are you sure/is anyone else doing that? @JuliaVyse

It’s typically some variation of “I don’t use *platform*” or “I am unfamiliar with how *platform* works”. @CJSlattery

For the most part we’re just dealing with clients’ preconceived notions of new platforms. Lots of viewing the self as the customer. @DenneyDara

One that I used to hate: “Who else is using it?” (translated to, which of our competitors is on the platform) – frustrating client! @AzeemDigital

I LOVE (read: loathe) the, “We tried X 4 years ago with [agency we fired because they were bad] and we just didn’t see the results…” As if platforms + people don’t change all the time. Evolve or die. @DigitalSamIAm

“Our audience isn’t there” (have you looked?) “My daughter-in-law with a MS in social media disagrees” (actually happened) “That’s not our *brand*” (what does this even mean?) “We like Google” had a client salesperson cry over FB leads once, that was weird. @Mark_from_MKTG

I know my objections: typically “wrong target market” and “wrong mental mode” Platforms rush to have an ads product because it’s clear monetization, but the use-case isn’t really there. @ferkungamaboobo

We tried it and it didn’t work. Generally when you dig further, they tried it 5 years ago and it was with a $100 spend. @timothyjjensen

A good old 2009 statement “looks like fraud” @JonKagan

Clients lacking knowledge of other platforms out there. Everyone knows FB and G, but something aren’t even aware of other newer platforms. My own objection is that I don’t want to run on other social platforms (snap) if I know our creative isn’t up to speed. @SarahMRomano

Age demographic. Is your audience even there? I’ve seen with some companies I’ve worked with that the newer platforms don’t appeal to their age. I was working with a 35yo+ demo a few years ago and they refused to even test platforms. You never know until you test. @RyBen3

Q5: What networks would you like to advertise on, but haven’t been able to get clients to say yes to?

I’ve pretty much gotten to advertise on most channels I’ve wanted to for a client. Only thing I really haven’t done is Amazon. My clients generally are open to testing so we’ve done a lot of the other networks Microsoft, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat, Apple App Store, and Spotify. I also love doing review sites like Capterra (and some niche industry specific ones). @Mark_from_MKTG

I know @duanebrown would approve, but I do want to test SnapChat with clients. I also really like Amazon and have yet to have a success from an ecom client on their platform. @lchasse

In addition to Snap I also want to try TikTok. And also… Reddit. After seeing that amazing Barkbox ad. @CJSlattery

Thankful for clients who are pretty open to testing if a channel can be justified as being in their niche. Still have yet to run anything on Snap but not sure it’s a fit for any current clients. @timothyjjensen

Not that many luckily! a few outliers, but we’ve been able to test LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, Twitch, some Snap is coming up too….@JuliaVyse

Due to some RFP rules, cant say. but yes. @JonKagan

Q6: Have you found a particular network to be really great in a certain aspect or for a certain demographic or industry?

Stating the obvious here, but LI is powerful for niche B2B clients. Consistently get feedback that leads are much more qualified than other channels even if CPA is higher. @timothyjjensen

Believe it or not, FB/IG is great for B2B leadgen right now, certainly from what I’ve seen here in the UK. You can save on LI CPC and move over into FB to really boost those CPLs. @AzeemDigital

Snapchat and TikTok for the 18-24 crowd absolutely crushes it. Also seeing great results out of Snap for the 25-34 crowd. @DenneyDara

Instacart + Kroger for CPG companies are incredible….we’ve had a ton of success through both of them over the past 6-9 months. Albertsons’ companies is rapidly ramping up as well. Obviously quite niche, but when it works, hooboy does it work. @DigitalSamIAm

Yes! Too often FB is overlooked in the B2B space. Or I’ll have B2B contacts say they want to exclude IG by default, I’ll convince them to test, and they often change their minds. @timothyjjensen

I’ve never had a B2B lead gen client fail at LinkedIn. There are so many opportunities. Microsoft is amazing for any highly regulated industries like manufacturing; they’re more likely to be Windows. I’ve found Snap and Apple App Store to be great for app installs. @Mark_from_MKTG

I serve 90% ecommerce clients, so my go to is Amazon outside the normal platforms. @lchasse

LinkedIn for sure. For my B2B, for my dialed in professionals, for luxury, t’works. @JuliaVyse

Well, actually @MSFTAdvertising does well with age 55+ in the southeast. Does that count? @JonKagan

Q7: What would you like to change about any of the other networks or platforms like MIcrosoft Ads, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat, Quora, etc.?

More support. if your whole thing is self-serve, I now have 7 self-serve platforms to buy in and optimize. heeeeeeelp! @JuliaVyse

I need Snap to not have a cut off young demo, and Pinterest to become a true evergreen platform. @JonKagan

I’d really like Microsoft to finally roll out LinkedIn targeting to search. It would be great if LinkedIn web remarketing audiences had time-based enrollment like Google/FB and if their new engagement remarketing audiences updated automatically. @Mark_from_MKTG

Would love an ads library from any of these platforms to help with transparency AND OH YA KNOW HELPING MY OWN AD CREATIVE WOES..@DenneyDara

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