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Happy Readers, welcome! As Q3 2022 comes to an end, let’s take a closer look at the major PPC platforms to learn about any significant announcements or updates.

Google Ads

New features to help you customize and improve your Performance Max campaigns: To improve ROI, Google has released new Performance Max features. These features include Optimization Score, Seasonality Adjustments, Advanced Location Targeting Controls, etc.

Give every video ad a voice-over with new text-to-speech feature in Google Ads: In YouTube advertising, audio has the capacity to grab viewers’ attention and compel them to take action. You can now add a voice-over to your YouTube video ads using a new feature that Google Ads has made available.

Reminder: Upgrade your Smart Shopping campaigns to Performance Max: Advertisers can upgrade their Smart Shopping campaigns and Local campaigns to Performance Max by using the “one-click” upgrade tool. Advertisers using Smart Shopping campaigns will have early access to the self-upgrade tool for, on average, two months to give them time to upgrade before automated upgrades might start.

Engage your audience in every season with Discovery ads: Google is one of the platforms individuals use to look for their ideal location. 78% of users, according to the survey, prefer to check Google feeds for the most recent information. In order to engage the audience during the holiday season, Google has revealed the most recent innovations from Discovery Ads, such as audience analysis and tools, creatives and campaign assistance, live feedback on ad strength, etc.

Google Ads Benchmark Report by Tinuiti | Q2 2022 | Key Highlights: The Google Ads Benchmark Report for Q2 2022 was recently released by Tinuiti. In this post, we have summarised some of the study’s key findings.

Device share of US google text and shopping clicks

Making it easier to manage automatically applied recommendations: A new version of the Manage tab makes it easier to investigate recommendation bundles and discover additional details about each optimization. You may now select from two bundles with pre-checked suitable recommendation types: Maintain your advertisements and Grow your business, making it simpler for you to determine which recommendations are best for your business.

New tools to create more engaging ads: Ad extensions such as sitelinks and image extensions allow users to quickly access what they’re looking for. On average, advertisers see a 20% increase in clickthrough rate when 4 sitelinks show with their Search ads and a 10% increase when image extensions show with their mobile Search ads. Google is bringing ad extensions and assets together which means ad extensions will now be called assets in the Google Ads UI. 

Amazon Advertising

Strong Q3 So Far for Amazon Sponsored Products Advertisers: Advertising growth in Q3 has been solid so far even after eliminating Amazon’s major sales event. For a portion of the more than $400 million in annual Amazon advertising expenditure that Tinuiti oversees, Andy Taylor’s piece offers some numbers based on same-store growth.

Amazon Ads Benchmark Report by Tinuiti | Q2 2022 | Key Highlights: Tinuiti’s Amazon Ads Benchmark report for Q2, 2022 helps to understand CPC growth in Sponsored brands and Sponsored products. We have penned down some of the key points in this post.


Modeled conversions now reported for Amazon DSP campaigns: Amazon DSP now uses modeling to account for conversions that are traceable to your campaign in order to give a more complete picture of campaign results. By continuing to assess the whole impact of their advertising expenditure across addressable and non-addressable audiences, advertisers are able to maintain effective bids and budgets.

Amazon Marketing Cloud now supports flexible ads and shopping analytics (beta): Advertisers who advertise through Amazon Ads can now use AMC ( Amazon Marketing Cloud ) to generate combined, aggregated, and anonymized, advertising and shopping insights for their products. This includes further Amazon shopping information and will develop to include analytics tools and capabilities from other parties, enabling advertisers to more thoroughly comprehend their cross-channel marketing initiatives and tailor their AMC experience.

Microsoft Advertising

Responsive Search Ads: deadline extended to February 1, 2023: Microsoft Advertising has extended the deadline for ETA migration to RSAs. Starting on February 1, 2023 RSAs will be the only search ad type that can be created or edited in standard search campaigns.

5 steps to build a successful native campaign: In a world where people are exposed to thousands of advertisements every day, making advertising that isn’t overtly commercial can significantly boost engagement. Native advertising does the same. Here are 5 things one can do while creating native campaigns to help make them even more successful.

Paid Social

Introducing new automation tools to help increase sales and drive growth: Advertising on Facebook will now have access to Advantage+ shopping campaigns worldwide. This solution will assist advertisers in maximizing the effectiveness of their advertising spend by utilizing the power of AI and automation.

Facebook new automation tool

How it started, how it’s going: Performance advertising on Twitter: Twitter is rolling out new measurement and optimization capabilities to all Twitter advertisers internationally in order to grow the advertising performance. The new and better Twitter pixel, conversion API, and app purchase optimization are these solutions.

Performance advertising on twitter

Connecting businesses with new B2B targeting: As the ability to reach customers in the digital landscape is one of the key factors in driving growth, Facebook has launched its new B2B targeting audience segments globally. Now, B2B marketers can reach key decision-makers across small, medium and enterprise businesses.

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