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Welcome Happy Readers! Have you missed out on top PPC News which was trending in the second quarter? Here is a quick recap of the announcements & feature updates that were able to draw the attention of the experts.

Privacy Initiatives By Major PPC Platforms

Google Extends Support for 3rd Party Cookies: Giving marketers more than a year extension, Google has announced to extend the support for third-party cookies until 2023. The company’s replacement plan for cookies is a controversial system called “FLoC”, but after many stood up against the idea, Google wanted to give it more time to get this right.

App Tracking Transparency: Apple has been focused to provide powerful new privacy protection with features such as App Tracking Transparency so users can have better control and manage access to their data. As Apple has made it a must for all iOS apps to comply with App Tracking Transparency (ATT) policies, Google is sharing the latest guidance, resources, and best practices to help advertisers adapt and achieve their campaign goals on iOS.

Meanwhile, Google has announced its own version of App Tracking Transparency which is quite similar to Apple’s ATT. The only difference is, Apple’s implementation is more of an “opt-in” process where it asks users if they want to allow an app to track them and Google’s as an “opt-out” action taken by the user.

Amazon Is Blocking Google’s FLoC: It has been noticed that most of Amazon’s properties which include, and are preventing Google’s tracking system FLoC from gathering valuable data people research in Amazon’s vast e-commerce space. However, Amazon has declined to comment on the same.

Google Ads

A change to how Smart Bidding strategies are organized : With regards to smart bidding, advertisers have always raised their concerns of not being clear which of the bid strategies are right for their business. Upon hearing their feedback, Google has bundled Target CPA and Target ROAS with the Maximize Conversions and Maximize Conversion Values. Get more light on this update in this informative blog post.

Smart Bidding Strategies in Google Ads

Acquire high-value app users at scale with Target ROAS bidding : Google has allowed advertisers who have an Android app using Firebase SDK conversion reporting to use  Target Return on Ad Spend (“tROAS”) bidding within app campaign to optimize their business towards revenue.

New bidding features to help you reach your goals : Google has rolled out couple of new features so it becomes easier for advertisers to manage bid strategies & drive performance. What are these new features? Find out here.

New bidding features to reach goals

Deliver engaging Search ads with image extensions : To give visual experience to all the customers while searching for products or services, Google ads has made image extension available globally. Relevant visuals will help people to learn more about your products and take actions.

AdWords API and Scripts: Deprecation of Automatic Placements in the Placement Performance Report: The placement performance report returns rows for automatic, managed, and excluded placements at the ad group level but starting June 10, 2021, this report has started excluding automatic placements for the AdWords API and Google Ads scripts due to changes in the data retention policy.

Note: Apart from these important announcements, Google held its Marketing Livestream Event in May 2021. In this event, they have made several product announcements. You can read about them here in brief.

Microsoft Advertising

Microsoft Advertising & Dynamics 365 Customer Insights: New integration: In the Microsoft Application Business Summit which was held in the month of May 2021, Microsoft announced that advertisers who used Dynamic 365 customer insight, can bring their customer segment into the advertising platform. With this arrangement, they can easily target on the Microsoft Search Network & audience network.

Easily import your Facebook Ads into the Microsoft Audience Network: If you are looking to grow your presence on Microsoft Audience Network, you can do so by importing audience campaigns from Facebook using Facebook Import. This new feature helps you to save time and increase your ROI. Learn more in this article.

Import Facebook ads into the Microsoft audience network

Our changes to phrase match and broad match modifier: If we wish to reach to the right customer, we need to have relevancy. Keep that in mind, Microsoft Advertising has made changes in the match types. Now phrase match will behave like a broad match modifier (BMM) to simplify keywords and boost relevancy.

The rise of the conscious traveler: As Covid-19 crises are reducing globally, people have started desiring a meaningful vacation. That is the reason, Microsoft advertising developed a unique ad format called “Tours & Activity Ads“. Know more about this new feature in this blog post.


Bookmark This Handy Resource for LinkedIn Ad Specs, Formats, and More: When it comes to reaching the exact right audience in the exact right way, advertisers have a wide array of options at their fingertips. This blog post talks about a new LinkedIn Ads Guide which is a one-stop resource for LinkedIn ad specs, formatting recommendations, and general information.

Ad Targeting on LinkedIn Made Easy With 5 Helpful Tips: To get an amazing ad campaign in front of the right people, is not easy. So, what needs to be done? By using LinkedIn’s Ad Targeting, you can understand the platform better and it can make your ad campaign more effective.


Testing Fleet ads: Your ad in the moment: After launching Fleet globally in November 2020, Twitter is announcing a new experiment called Fleet Ads which will bring full-screen, vertical format ads to Twitter for the first time. More information in this blog post.

Announcing Twitter’s rebranded advertising product suite: When it comes to advertising, advertisers need a platform which uses clearer and straight forward language. Keeping this in mind, Twitter has rebranded its advertising product suit to create clarity around Twitter’s ad product offerings.

How Twitter is preparing for Apple’s iOS 14: Like Google, Twitter is also preparing their users for App Tracking Transparency enforcement which is a part of Apple’s iOS 14,5 update. Learn what this means for advertising on Twitter in this article.


The Evolution of Facebook and Instagram Video Advertising: Facebook and Instagram being popular video platforms, new topic targeting options within Facebook In-Stream video, testing of Instagram Reels Ads and other ad experiences in Facebook Stories will help increase opportunities for brands to better engage with relevant audiences.

Apple’s iOS 14 Changes Are Almost Here: How to Finish Preparing and What’s Changing: As Apple has rolled out the general availability of iOS 14.5, Facebook has also released a new ad measurement protocols for advertisers & partners. These protocols restrict, aggregate and delay reporting, while continuing to enable the measurement of campaign results, with limitations. More insight in this update.

Introducing Dynamic Ads for Streaming on Facebook: Facebook’s new edition ” Dynamic Ads for Streaming” is going to help video streaming brands highlight their entire content library so they can showcase the right titles to the right audiences.

Facebook Analytics is Going Away: Next Steps for Advertisers: Facebook is planning to sunset its Facebook Analytics tool by June 30th, 2021. This post by Tara Johnson shed light on what this update means for the organizations and how can you take the action before the tool is depreciated? 

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