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Marketers are always on the lookout to formulate the best marketing strategy for their business. Divulging into pay-per-click advertising is a wise step to ensure that you stay on top of the competition. But to make sure you are really ahead of not only your competitor but also ahead of your marketing goals you need to take strategic steps. One of such steps is to invest on your brand terms.

Now, if you are thinking why you should spend on branded terms when you could invest on other marketing initiatives, we will share reasons why it definitely is a must step.


1. Your organic ranking isn’t that convincing

Low Organic Ranking

If you have just started afresh and are yet working upon improving your organic search results, then bidding on your brand terms can in the meanwhile make sure that your brand is noticed. Why let the customer struggle to find out about who you are you when you can do it with a crisp ad at the first page of the search result. So, be there to make a mark as there are many vying for the 1st position.


2. Losing out on traffic to competitors

If you are relying on organic results for driving traffic, then you might miss out on many. The ads occupy the first half of the search result page, which in turn pushes your organic results down, hence making it less viewable. It is likely for a competitor to be bidding on your terms, as a result of which their ad would show instead of yours. That definitely is lost opportunity. To not let your competitors steal your traffic, you must bid on you brand terms even if you rank well in the search results. Also, studies show that the top ads get 40-50% of all clicks. Would you want to easily give that away?


3. You can control the message in your ad

Control Brand Message

Running your brand ad lets your control the message that you wish to communicate. You can decide what you want to highlight or promote. Whereas the organic results doesn’t give you the benefit of displaying details of an upcoming offer or an achievement of your business. You can easily make changes as and when you wish to display some unique content, which is like a real time update about your business.


4. It is a cost effective medium

If you want to do aggressive branding, then running a paid search ad would be comparatively cheaper. You can allocate a certain amount of your marketing budget to the ad and if at any instance you feel that you are overspending you can immediately make changes. An option like this may not be available on other marketing platforms where the budget once invested cannot be changed.


5. You drive additional traffic and clicks

If you have both organic listing and a running paid search ad, then studies show that the combined clicks that you receive is about 70-80%. So, investing in your brand ads simply improves the possibility of your brand receiving more clicks and in turn receiving more visitors.


6. Enhance your ad with ad extensions

Ad Extensions

With the ad extensions you can enhance your ad further by making use of the many extensions available. You could add user reviews, highlight specific pages with sitelink extensions, a call extension to invoke an action form the user, highlight specific features with structured snippets, a callout extension to┬átell people more about what you have to offer and more. With ad extensions you can further control the messaging which might not be available if you just rely on your brand’s organic listing.


7. Improve your quality score

Ad Quality

With such directed content and relevant page, your quality score will definitely become very high which would further ensure that your entire account has a good quality score too. And we all know that a good quality score helps in improving your ad rank position and also how much you could be charged per click. You might as well bid on brand terms to improve your quality score for long term results, if not anything else.


8. Convert already interested customers

Promotional Offers

For users searching for your brand terms, it means that they are already aware of your business and services. It is a great point to attract them for a possible conversion action. Showing them just your normal organic results would probably not be that convincing, but an ad with details of an approaching offer could excite the user to revisit your site and complete a conversion action.


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