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Google Ads is reorganizing similar bidding strategies to simplify it for usage. And it is starting that with Target CPA & Target ROAS smart bidding strategy for Search campaigns .

Google Ads Target CPA & Maximize Conversions merging

Smart bidding strategies Target CPA & Target ROAS are soon to be deprecated. In place, Maximize Conversions & Maximize Conversion Value bidding strategies will have their respective Target CPA and Target ROAS fields set. This means, that these bidding strategies will not be different from the other when merged together. Which further means that Maximize Conversions will behave like Target CPA and Maximize Conversion Value will behave like Target ROAS

This change is set to reflect in the Google Ads UI starting April, this year. It will initially be available to some users and will gradually translate to more accounts.

We will publish an update on the blog when the above fields are mutable, along with several months’ notice before Target CPA and Target ROAS strategies are deprecated in Search campaigns.

The Google Ads API v6 now supports the new read-only target_cpa and target_roas. This is how it was before this change was introduced.

google ads bidding strategy update maximize conversions

As per Google, here is what the developers are expected to do:

Developers should ensure their code treats Search campaigns that have MaximizeConversions with a set target_cpa field and MaximizeConversionValue with a set target_roas field the same way it treats TargetCpa and TargetRoas bid strategies, respectively.

Though Google clarifies that there will be no major impact on the bidding behaviour, but we will keep that as a placeholder and wait for when the change materializes on the UI.

But we speculate that the below two things might be impacted and can only be confirmed in Google’s upcoming announcements:

1. Target CPA supports device bid modifiers. But when the two bidding strategies get together this setting might go away.

2. With Target CPA & Target ROAS you can set Maximum & Minimum bid limits. With this change, this control might also go away.

portfolio bid strategies Target CPA & Target ROAS

If the above options aren’t there with the new merged bidding strategies, then your control over your ad spend will be restricted. While we await more details to come at later stage, keep a note of these things when the change reflects in your account.

For rest, we will keep you posted!

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