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Many have argued on the importance of brand-led campaigns and more so on bidding on the brand’s keywords. While it appears to be a wasted spend, its importance is unmatched. Hence, the reason for many brands opting for brand bidded campaign, in order to leave no stone unturned to reach out to their user base.

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In continuation of our post on ‘Reasons to bid on brand terms‘, where we discussed the 8 key reasons to bid on your brand terms (highlighting the same below), we share few more points that reassure its importance.

  • Your organic ranking isn’t that convincing
  • You are losing out traffic to competitors
  • You can control the message in your ad
  • It is a cost-effective medium
  • You drive additional traffic and clicks
  • Enhance your ad with ad extensions
  • Improve your quality score
  • Convert already interested customers
bid on branded keywords


Manage Negative Reputation

If there are any negative stories about your brand, then having a brand ad at the top of the page can give an impression of a more stable and more reliable company and it will help to push such negative stories below.


Double the visibility

Might be a good idea to show both your organic and paid listing one after the other, hence doubling your visibility. It can help leverage your credibility and also make decision making easier for the user.


Meeting Customer Expectation

Avoid the disappointment of a user searching for your brand but seeing the results of a competitor brand instead. The necessity of appearing at the top becomes more when your organic listing is poor. Also, even if a competitor isn’t bidding on your brand, why end up giving your share to someone else.


High ROI

Undoubtedly branded keywords have a higher conversion rate and thus low CPC. A user searching for your brand is bound to click on your brand’s top results. And the higher the clicks, the better the ROI.


Better Control Over Messages

To boost the ability of ads and to provide the audience with more information, Paid search campaigns have the option to add Ad Extensions. It helps Google to select the most relevant ad depending on the information given like keywords, device type, etc. These ad extensions can effectively divert customer’s attention to some specific events which in turn, helps to boost your brand.


What are your thoughts on brand bidding? Share your experience with us on whether bidding on branded keywords is a viable option for advertisers or not.


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