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This Week’s PPC News captures the updates made by Google, where they announced new innovations for developers during their I/O session, new columns added for Quality Score reporting. Other articles include tips to make audience list more effective, Facebook features announced in 2017 so far and more.


1. Google I/O: New Ways to Put Customers at the Center of Your Apps and Payments

The Google I/O 2017 introduced new innovations intended to help developers strengthen their customer base with Universal App Campaigns, identify more high valued customers and enable users to pay for your services easily and more. You can view the keynote session here.

user metrics - admob


2. Google is rolling out changes to AdWords Ad Rank thresholds: What you need to know

Ad Rank determines where your ad will appear in the search results page. Ginny Marvin shares the changes introduced in the Ad Rank threshold and what it means to the advertisers.


3. The Long Game of Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Here is listing down the reasons how and why PPC is the best fit for your digital marketing initiatives. The long term benefits seeps in and help you attain the desired ROI, traffic and build awareness.


4. PPC Audiences: Audience Segmentation

Melissa Mackey shares her tips for audience segmentation and how each segment should be targeted, what content to be delivered in order to nurture the prospects.


5. Gain deeper insights with improved Quality Score reporting

New status columns for Quality Score has been rolled out last week that included viewing historical QD data. This change is set to make you access more details about your quality score.

quality score new columns



6. 4 Facebook Ad Features You’re Probably Overlooking

Andrea Taylor shares the Facebook features that are new and are absolutely handy in optimizing campaign execution. More details in this post.


7. How to check your RLSA configuration

Avoid making mistakes during audience list creation process for your RLSA campaigns. Here are the steps to make your audience list set up spillproof.


8. Latest Google Ad Rank Changes Driving Up Minimum Bids for Non-Brand Keywords – Brand Minimums Down

Here is how the Google Ad Rank changes are impacting the PPC trends. From CPCs trending down for keywords to high bid estimates for non brand keywords, Andy Taylor shares the impact.


bid brand non brand advertisers


9. What to Know About Facebook’s 2017 Ad Updates

Facebook witnessed a 71% growth in its ad spend as per the Merkle’s Digital Marketing Report for Q1 2017. Sean McGoey explores some of the new advertising options introduced by Facebook in 2017 since.


10. 7 Social Media Metrics Marketers Should Track

Want to track how effective your social media initiatives are? Here are the 7 metrics that will help you gauge the effectiveness and impact of your social media activities.


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