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Welcome to this week’s PPC News recap! Need for negative keywords for Amazon Advertising, Create right Facebook Audience, Changes made to earned subscribers column in Google Ads, Smart Bidding to drive better omnichannel results in Google Ads, and more.

Why You Need Negative Keywords for Amazon Advertising – One of the best ways to spend your advertising budget effectively is Negative keywords. What are they, why we need them, how to use them, and how to build them, Nick Yee informs us in this descriptive post.


Google Ads auction-time bidding comes to Search Ads 360 – To enhance the performance while bidding on Google search, take advantage of Google Ads auction-time bidding in your Search Ads 360 bid strategy. Ginny Marvin also shares her findings regarding the same in her blog post, auction-time bidding for Google Search campaigns


The YouTube Masthead is coming to the TV screen – With changing consumer behavior, advertisers have the unique opportunity to reach more people. Keeping this in mind, Google is bringing YouTube Masthead to the TV screen. Learn more here.


Audience targeting solutions – While advertising, it is crucial to reach the right people in the right way when they are ready to make a purchase. Announcement of audience targeting solutions in open beta will help you pinpoint the ideal customers. Steve Sirich explains the same in detail in this blog post.


How to Create the Right Facebook Audience for Your Ads – For a successful Facebook ad campaign, it is important to target the right audience. So how would you create an ideal Facebook audience, Aden Andrus helps us to know in his blog post.


Add store visits to Smart Bidding to drive better omnichannel results – To find the needed products and services, people move across online and offline channels. To make it easier, Google has announced store visits in smart bidding for search and shopping campaigns.


Facebook Invites People and Businesses to Play – Nowadays, businesses on Instagram use a lot of interactive elements like a hashtag, polling, @mention to welcome people’s participation. To help brands further, Facebook has announced a new ad solution to encourage people. Learn more here.


Changes Made To Earned Subscribers Column in Google Ads – Here, Joe Martinez explains what earned actions are in video campaigns and what has been changed in earned action column.


Introducing regional registration for vendors – To make it easy for vendors to set up sponsored ads advertising accounts, Amazon has launched a new regional registration feature. Learn more about this announcement here.


Search query reports show a huge increase in Google close variant traffic – Google’s announcement regarding exact match close variants had left many marketers concerned about the harmful effect on performance. Here, Andy Taylor explains how close variant traffic has trended since the update was fully rolled out, and how you should think about it moving forward.


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