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Welcome to this week’s edition of PPC News! Facebook relaxes ban on ads for non-medical masks, Things we learn about automated bidding in this pandemic, How to do better display advertising during COVID-19, Track multiple conversion events in Google ads, and more.

Sponsored Display product targeting launches to Canada sellers – Amazon has released product targeting capabilities for Canada sellers which will help them to promote product discovery with ads that reach shoppers who are actively browsing similar or complementary products. 

Facebook Relaxes Ban on Ads for Non-Medical Masks – Facebook has relaxed the restrictions around ads selling face masks which they instituted in March. A brief blog post by Susan Wenograd giving us more information on the same.

4 things we learned about automated bidding during the pandemic – Right bids are very critical for PPC campaign and this pandemic has given us new insights into how automated bidding works. An informative blog post by Frederick Vallaeys

What You Need to Know About Parallel Tracking in Microsoft Ads -Microsoft Ads recently added the parallel tracking capability in ad accounts. In this blog post, Kristin Palmer helps to know the advantages of parallel tracking and what you need to do to enable it in Microsoft Ads.

Parallel Tracking in Microsoft Ads

4 Tips for Better Display Advertising During COVID-19 Joe Martinez shares some tactics which have helped his clients to make wise use of the Google Display Network during this COVID-19 pandemic.

Wise use of Google Display Network during COVID-19

Good Questions, Real Answers: How Does Facebook Use Machine Learning to Deliver Ads? – Personalized ads help businesses reach customers affordably and provide people a better experience. This blog post helps to understand how Facebook delivers this value through ad auctions that use machine learning. 

Upcoming update to housing, employment, and credit advertising policies – To further improve access to housing, employment, and credit opportunities, Google is introducing a new personalized advertising policy for certain types of ads. Find more in this blog post.

Tracking Multiple Conversion Events in Google Ads – Tracking multiple conversion events is a great way to drive additional insight and value for any business. This post will help to know step by step process to set up a secondary conversion event.

How to set up second conversion event

Google Unpaid Shopping Traffic – Early Results – Last month, Google Ads has announced that unpaid shopping product listings would begin rolling out, featuring non-ad based product listings on Google’s Search and Shopping SERPs. How can you opt for a free listing and many more questions are been taken care of in this blog post.

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