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This week’s PPC news discusses about Bing Ads’ new multi-language targeting at campaign level, copying your columns preferences to new UI, winning with display ads retageting, succeeding with LinkedIn’s campaign manger and more.

Expand your global reach with Multiple Language Targeting – Now, advertises can choose from multiple Bing Ads languages at the campaign level and target customers for more precise targeting.

bing ads multiple language targeting


From discovery to click, new YouTube ads capabilities for more effective video storytelling – Google announced that new capabilities had been introduced to make advertisers use the prowess of YouTube and Google.


How to Start a Paid Media Multi-Channel Strategy – Using multiple channels to connect with your audiences? Susan Wenogard shares few advice to follow to make your multi approach strategy work.


Copy your column preferences to the new Google Ads experience – Now Google makes it easy to copy your column preferences from previous UI to new one. Learn about the steps from this post.

column preference google ads


Google Sheets Query Function Need-to-Knows For PPC – Briana Ogle  shares some of the key things to learn about Google Sheets’ query function appropriately to build an effective PPC report.


3 PPC Changes That Might Scare You – The three recent changes that shook the PPC industry. Pauline Jakober shares what they were and why it is a need-of-the-hour to stay updated with such important changes.


How to Win Back Customers with Display Ad Retargeting – Acquiring new customers is an ongoing task, but so is the task to bring back old customers or the ones who left half-way. Here is all that you need to know about retargeting and how to effectively use it.

google ads retargeting audience


Our 6 Finest Suggestions for Succeeding with LinkedIn Campaign Manager – Alex Rynne shares the effective ways with which you can improve your success story with LinkedIn’s campaign manager


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